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If you have a FL judgment that specifies the amount of fees, you can register the judgment in PA and attempt to collect it. Your ex might be judgment proof a.k.a. broke, and there is nothing to collec ...Read more

From what you are saying, you never filed a paternity action to determine custody and parent-time. ORS does not do that. Your best bet is to file such an action, have a reunification plan ordered by ...Read more

Yes. While he does not have complete legal control, he certainly should have a voice with the Court, and he has a LOT of practical control in that he is old enough to just ignore some parrental demand ...Read more

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My Divorce is Final-Now What?

If you are nearing the end of a divorce or have recently signed the papers to finalize your divorce, you may be asking yourself: “What’s next”? Sure, the actual legal part of the div ... Read more

Florida Divorce: What You Need to Know About Dividing Business Assets

Many people contemplating divorce will either have a spouse that owns a business or own a business themselves. The size of the business can range from a sole proprietorship to a large enterprise or an ... Read more

Can Custody Agreements be Changed?

Can custody agreements be changed? I have a client whose daughter no longer wants to visit her dad, despite a shared parenting agreement that splits her time with both parents. The daughter is 13 and, ... Read more

NJ Supreme Court says Indigent Parents need representation in adoption case

The New Jersey Supreme Court just issued a decision only yesterday affirming that a parent who previously placed her child in foster care had a right to free legal counsel when the foster care agency ... Read more

Why Our Next President Needs a Family Law/Divorce Attorney

                With the Republican National Convention of 2016 now history and the Democratic National Convention well under ... Read more

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