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If there are court orders in place for you to  have placement of your child, and the mother is denying you, arguably she may be in contempt of court. However, if there is a serious condition at y ...Read more

This is somewhat brief of a question, but we can, for this response, conclude that a) the Subpeona was properly issued and served, b) there is an ongoing custody matter for trial on that date of the S ...Read more

Anything 7 days and under, you count business days only. Anything over 7 days you count calendar days. Best of Luck, Helena Y. Farber, Esq. ~Associate Attorney~ Law Office of Cindy S. Vova, P.A. & ...Read more

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Catch-22 for Cyclists: Avoiding Traffic May Lead to "Dooring" Accidents

More and more New Jersey residents are cycling. It is great exercise, provides an efficient method of burning calories, and, particularly in urban settings, can be a great way to get to work. Unfortun ... Read more

What do I need to do to prove my father incompetent?

Q: He has moderate to severe Alzheimer’s. I have durable POA.He is becoming more paranoid. He lives with me and my family and I currently care for him full time. He speaks more frequently abo ... Read more

What's In A Word? | The Importance of Marital Settlement Agreements

Original Post Here: The following article was written by Callagy Law’s Legal Team, and will focus on many common q ... Read more

Property and Divorce

A woman reports that when she and her ex-husband divorced, they agreed to let their family home foreclose. Since then, he has filed for bankruptcy to delay the foreclosure, he began once again to pay ... Read more

OPM Disability Retirement under FERS or CSRS: Privacy and the parody which excites

The bifurcation between public and private issues has been blurred to such an extent that the social norms which once prevailed no longer apply. Public figures constantly complain about the intrusio ... Read more

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