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if the case was pending and the parties were not yet divorced, the court loses jurisdiction over the divorce case. If the parties were divorced, there may be aspects of the judgment of divorce which c ...Read more

Most attorneys take credit cards. My firm takes credit cards. But there is no description of your case, other than mentioning that it is family law oriented. I would need more info, and I would need w ...Read more

If the child resides with you and the Roselle Park school district finds that he is not living with the husband in Roselle Park, yes they may sue to collect out-of-district fees from you or your ex. ...Read more

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NJ Supreme Court decision makes it harder to move with child out of state

The New Jersey Supreme Court called Bisbing v. Bisbing, decided only on August 8, 2017, has provided a major shift in balancing the interests of custodial and non-custodial parents when a custodial pa ... Read more

Can I get in trouble if I received child support for a child in CYF?

Q: My child was taken out of my care and placed with her grandmother on some fake allegations by my ex. I’m still receiving child support for said child. Can I get in trouble if I take the money ... Read more

Divorcing a Spouse with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Our client writes, After 30+ years of mental abuse, she finally feels safe enough to divorce her husband. She is the sole bread winner and he is convinced she is hiding money from him. His attorney cl ... Read more

Divorce and Property

Mum is the word- sometimes, unfortunately. That was the case for one woman, who ran into multiple questions regarding the condo she and her hopefully soon to be ex-husband share. The catch, however, i ... Read more

2017 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Include Sweeping Changes

After months of secret meetings and closed-door discussions, the 2017 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines are now seeing the light of day with an effective date less than two months away. We cover ... Read more

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