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Normally a person has thirty days after receiving notice that property should not be considered abandoned. Then you would have to arrange to pick up the belongings through an intermediary such as a po ...Read more

There are a few hearings that you will be facing. You hopefully already have an attorney representing you, and if not, you should get private counsel or have someone from the Office of Parental Repres ...Read more

I handle cases on behalf of parents dealing with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency as DYFS is now called. However, the names of referrals are confidential, so unless you have a very good ...Read more

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Divorcing a Spouse with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Our client writes, After 30+ years of mental abuse, she finally feels safe enough to divorce her husband. She is the sole bread winner and he is convinced she is hiding money from him. His attorney cl ... Read more

Divorce and Property

Mum is the word- sometimes, unfortunately. That was the case for one woman, who ran into multiple questions regarding the condo she and her hopefully soon to be ex-husband share. The catch, however, i ... Read more

2017 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Include Sweeping Changes

After months of secret meetings and closed-door discussions, the 2017 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines are now seeing the light of day with an effective date less than two months away. We cover ... Read more

Annulment and Divorce Rights

A woman recently approached us with an inquiry regarding the annulment of her marriage. She has been married to her husband for 13 years. However, one couldn’t call this a “happy” un ... Read more


Minnesota couples who have been married before and who are planning to blend their families should consider a number of financial issues. It is important that each person understands the other’s ... Read more

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