Adopting a Child and ART

About Adoption

Adoption can be a good choice if you're unable to have children or simply want to share your love and home with another child. Adoption is a legal process tha.... Read more

Special Situations in Adoption

Traditionally, adoption takes place when a married couple of reproductive age adopts a healthy child of the same ethnicity. But there are many alternative way.... Read more

Using a Surrogate to Have a Child

Many people who want children can't have them for various reasons. As a solution to this problem, these people sometimes choose surrogacy. A surrogate is a wo.... Read more

Adopting a Child and ART

Becoming a Foster Parent

When a home environment is unhealthy, state social services will remove minor children from their biological home and place them with foster parents. During this time, the children's biological parent... Read more

When Parents Are Unmarried

In many states, the biological fathers of children born to unmarried parents have few or no rights unless they take legal steps to ask for them. The law usually assumes that a man is a child's father ... Read more

How Does Divorce Affect Adoption?

Adopting a child is an important decision that presumes the child will be accepted into a stable and loving home. When a married couple decides to adopt a child, it is unlikely they are expecting to d... Read more

Rights of Birth Parents and Grandparents After Adoption

Raising a child from birth involves important responsibilities. If the birth parents are unable or unwilling to meet their responsibilities, they may voluntarily place their child for adoption. Birth ... Read more

What Are the Rights of an Adopted Person?

A child who is welcomed into a family by adoption has the same legal rights within that family as any biological child. Your biological parents have given up those rights. There might be times, howeve... Read more

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