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If you seek to adopt a child, you will be faced with a choice: use a licensed adoption agency or use an independent adoption facilitator who acts as a ... read more
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Family Law Adoption FAQ
How can my spouse adopt my child from a previous relationship? Can I collect child support if my husband has adopted my son? I was adopted shortly after my birth. Am I able to access my adoption records? Will I be able to contact my grandson after he's adopted? Q: How can my spouse adopt my child from ... Read more

Interracial Adoption: Love Is Color Blind
What do you think of when you hear the word "family?" For many, the image of a child comes to mind almost instantly. For couples and adults who can't have children of their own, adoption is sometimes the only chance of having a family. Today, many parents are taking on more than the usual responsibilities ... Read more

Lawyer Accused of Running Nationwide Adoption Scam
Thousands of children are adopted in the US each year, according to statistics collected by the Children's Bureau, which is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Many people want to adopt, and competition for available children is high. And the adoption process itself is usually a ... Read more

Advertising an Unborn Baby for Adoption
Thousands of children are adopted each year and thousands more are waiting to be adopted. How do birthmothers and adoptive parents get together? Often it's an adoption agency handling practically all aspects of the adoption. Sometimes it's through an independent or "private" adoption. A private adoption ... Read more

Heiress Loses Custody of Adopted Cambodian Son
For some people, adoption is the answer when it's time to start a family. It's usually a happy, exciting time. Sometimes, though, it's not always smooth sailing - even for the "rich and famous," as Elizabeth Johnson's story shows. Johnson Case Elizabeth Johnson is the heiress to the fortune made by her ... Read more

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This isn't an adoption question - this is a contract dispute.  As much as we love our furry friends, they are not provided with the same legal standing as humans.  I would recommend that you ...Read more

you can initiate a step-parent adoption by your soon-to-be-spouse once you are married.  The 7 year-old's father would have to consent but if he doesn't respond or seem to care, you could get the ...Read more

Granparent's Rights are somewhat limited in New Jersey.  You have to prove that there was a prior relationship.  The parent has the right to raise the child, and has the right to choose whet ...Read more

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Cherry Hill Divorce Lawyers: Same Sex Marriage and Divorce Issues

The Supreme Court’s recent decisions on the constitutionality of same sex marriages raise questions about issues already complicating these marriages. Well over 75,000 gay marriages have been pe ... Read more

When is a child considered a dependent?

Sometimes people find themselves asking “what is a dependent child?” Many things to come to mind. Whether it be drugs, dependent on their parents, etc. However, there is a different kind o ... Read more

New Federal Rights for Same-Sex Couples

As more and more states recognize the rights of same sex couples to marry, the federal Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has now stepped up to the plate and issued a new Final Rule pe ... Read more

Legal Advice for Same Sex Couples

Thanks to our United States Supreme Court, same sex couples now have the same right to marry, divorce, and timeshare with their children as opposite sex couples. All states will recognize legal marria ... Read more

Your Rights During Medical Leave: Are you Covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides certain protections to employees who are out of work due to medical issues. However, the Act does not necessarily apply to every situation, or to every ... Read more

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