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Second Parent Adoptions: The Basics
Couples who are not in a legally recognized relationship—marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership—may continue to face challenges when trying to plan their family through adoption. ... READ MORE

Stepparent Adoptions: The Process
Learn more about stepparent adoption. ... READ MORE

Is It Hard to Adopt Internationally?
Learn more about the process of adopting a child from a foreign country. ... READ MORE

Can You Adopt an Adult?
Learn more about adopting someone over the age of 18. ... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lawyer to Adopt?
Many prospective adoptive parents wonder if they should hire a lawyer to help them through the process. ... READ MORE

Different Types of Adoption
Beginning the adoption process is an exciting—and often very emotional— time in your life. It's important to learn about the various types of adoption. ... READ MORE

Open Adoption and Closed Adoption: What Is the Difference?
Learn more about adoptions that allow continuing communication with birth parents. ... READ MORE

Family Law: Adoption FAQ
Answers to some basic questions about adoption. ... READ MORE

Interracial Adoption: Love Is Color Blind
What do you think of when you hear the word "family?" For many, the image of a child comes to mind almost instantly. For couples and adults who can't have children of their own, adoption is sometimes the only chance of having a family. Today, many parents are taking on more than the usual responsibilities ... READ MORE

Lawyer Accused of Running Nationwide Adoption Scam
Thousands of children are adopted in the US each year, according to statistics collected by the Children's Bureau, which is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Many people want to adopt, and competition for available children is high. And the adoption process itself is usually a ... READ MORE


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Of course, you can take care of the child. Follow this link to find a form for a non-parent relative to care for a minor child: If the mother agre ...Read more

I can not tell you what to do. I can tell you that from a legal prespective, the judge would look very closely at an adoption where the perspective mother and father are getting a divorce.

The good news is that since you're married and (I assume) New York residents, any child conceived by either of you and born during the marriage is legally the child of both of you. However, given that ...Read more

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Step-Parent Adoption

Just because someone goes through a divorce does not mean that they will never find marriage again. In fact, many people who get divorced look to get remarried. When someone gets remarried to someone ... Read more

PA Supreme Court Decision Holds Stepfather Liable for Child Support

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania on Dec. 29, 2015, issued a landmark decision that may affect whether, after separation and / or divorce, a stepparent is responsible to pay child support to a biologi ... Read more

After a Divorce: Do Stepparents Have Rights and Responsibilities Too?

In Pennsylvania, biological parents are not the only people who can seek physical or legal custody of a child. Under Pennsylvania’s child custody statute, in addition to biological parents, two ... Read more

NJ Supreme Court says Indigent Parents need representation in adoption case

The New Jersey Supreme Court just issued a decision only yesterday affirming that a parent who previously placed her child in foster care had a right to free legal counsel when the foster care agency ... Read more


Unlike divorce, child custody and child support matters, adoption is a family law process that rarely involves conflict. Placing a child in need of a family with a parent or parents to love, raise and ... Read more

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