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Breaking my own Stay away order

1 Answers. Asked on Jun 18th, 2017 on Family Law - New York
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I have a friend that filed a oop. Judge granted temp order. Guy was never served so never showedup @ court. Court date 2 cme and my friend forgot about it. Well In the meantime she ran into her abuser at a local restaurant and wanted to give him a second chance so invited him back to her house to stay with her. She now calls me in tears cuz she dont want to get into trouble but yet shes expecting and is unsure where to turn next or what to do. Im scared cuz i dont want her to go to jail but yet i want him out of her life for her, her childrens and her unborn babys sake. She is expected the guys child. What can I do to help or what can she do?
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Answered on Jun 19th, 2017 at 5:52 AM
  1. If the court did not dismiss the action for her failure to appear in court, your friend can file a stipulation to vacate the OP with the court. But she shouldn't do this lightly if there's been chronic abuse just because she's pregnant. Her abuser needs anger management counseling.

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