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How do I go about stopping cps from taking my wife and I parental rights away and doing illegal things when removing our kids from our home?

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We are a low income married couple but feel from the start of our cps case they have violated are parental rights and the welfare of our children. They have been removed from our home almost 17 months ago and we have followed our court menu and they refused unsupervised time with our children amongst many other things. We want our kids back with us and at this point cps is trying to terminate our parental rights. We have had baker victory services appointed to us but the lady there has been falsifying documents and statements which has caused more problems. We're trying to learn our rights and what we can do and how we can get our kids back asap
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Answered on Mar 27th, 2017 at 7:15 AM

There is no simple answer to this question and you definitely need a lawyer. There have been cases where over-zealous cps agencies removed children from otherwise decent but low-income parents, and attempted to terminate their parental rights, only to have the parents eventually win. Every case is individual and no lawyer can give an opinion on your chances of doing that without reviewing the particular facts of your case.

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