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How long can a person hold your belongings after they got a restraining order?

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Daughter got a restraining order against me and everything I own is in the home. Got my meds and husbands ashes after court. I have MS and living in my car. I do need things out of her house. Doesn't she have to notify me that I only have a certain amount of time before she sells my stuff? Please answer these 2 questions. Thank you.
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Answered on Jul 24th, 2017 at 12:43 PM

Normally a person has thirty days after receiving notice that property should not be considered abandoned. Then you would have to arrange to pick up the belongings through an intermediary such as a police officer (don't do it yourself if there is a restraining order). Or else, you may need to go back to court and inform the judge that your daughter is withholding essential things from you.

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