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Is it normal after a mutual agreement between two parties, to have the judge have a final hearing instead of just signing the agreement?

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Also, does the judge look at both parties financial affidavit before agreeing to sign the mutual agreement (not done by mediation)?
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Answered on Mar 19th, 2017 at 7:24 PM

   If your agreement involves a divorce, then yes, the Court must have a final hearing where the Petitioner, or the Respondent, if a counterpetition was filed, testifies.  It is brief, but necessary.

   If your agreement was for paternity, then it depends on the judge.  Most do require a hearing, but it is more ministerial than anything   else.  A judge does have the financial affidavits available to review and he/she may require child support guidelines as well, if children are involved.  However, the court may just ask if the child support (if applicable) complies with guidelines.  Again, it depends on the judge.

  If no children are involved, then the judge won't be as concerned about what the affidavits say.

   Glad you were able to amicably resolve everything



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