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My 1 yr old's father and I are not together & I receive medicaid through utah, how much of child support will go back to state & how much will I get?

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I receive only medical & food stamps for medicaid. No cash, TANF, or anything else. I am currently unemployed & my mom pays my rent. The father is willing to pay for whatever.. Child support obligation is $30 for me, & $300 for him. Q: How much of the support he will pay will to go the state for my public assistance and how much will go to me? We are trying to figure out the best way, & thinking maybe just canceling everything and he pays me directly instead of through child support (and he gets insurance for our daughter). I didn't ask for child support cuz we were gonna figure out ourselves but Medicaid made me file for it. Also, Can i opt out and let them know he will pay me?
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Answered on Apr 02nd, 2017 at 9:01 AM

From what you say, the best thing to do is file a paternity action to determine custody, parent-time, support obligations, and insurance coverage. Once you start that, and if the father gets insurance in place, you can end the State's involvement.

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