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My ex wife blocked my phone number from our two boys' Iphones. she siad since she pays for the phones she has every right. I disagree.

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Our 10 and 14 year old boys have IPhones through my ex and her husband. when i called her out on her lying to prevent the boys from spending more time with me, she became angry and told me she was blocking me from their phones. i told her our decree specifically states they are free to communicate by any means with us both. I cant afford phones for them to take back to her house. my youngest son recently added me on Snapchat and less than 24 hrs later, he was gone from my added contacts. she said her lawyer told her since she pays for the phones she has every right to block me. this cant possibly be true is it?
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Answered on Mar 13th, 2017 at 7:23 AM


Have you reviewed your decree for terms regarding the communication between you and the children?  Sometimes there are provisions under the "legal custody" section.  As a general matter, a parent cannot deprive the other parent contact with the children, although if they have other means of communication with you (a land line?), her actions may not be viewed as prohibited.  

If she continues to block them, you could seek a modification of the original decree regarding visitation and communication to provide that she cannot interfere with your relationship with them. 

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Donna Miller

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