Child Custody and Visitation

All states have laws in place to protect children from trouble. That trouble might come in many forms, including parental neglect or abuse, kidnapping ... read more
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Dealing With Paternity Issues in Divorce
Divorce is rarely easy, but it can get even more complicated if there's a question about the identify of your child's father. Learn more about the process of establishing paternity. ... Read more

How is My Child's Religion Decided After Divorce?
Learn more about how your child's religion is decided after divorce. ... Read more

Divorce and Children With Special Needs: Things to Consider
A divorce with children can be challenging, but when divorce involves special needs children, the fear and anxiety felt by parents can reach extraordinary levels. Studies show ... Read more

Tips on Helping Children Cope with Divorce
Divorce touches the lives of many children. Its impact can stir up feelings of sadness, insecurity, and loneliness for kids. As a parent, you can help your child cope with your divorce and come out of the experience stronger and more resilient. Below are some tips to help you address problems as they arise. ... Read more

How Should I Tell the Children About the Divorce?
Once you and your spouse have decided it’s time to end your marriage, you’ll need to figure out how to break the news to your kids. While honesty is always the best policy, you’ll want to ensure that you bring up the divorce at the right time and place. By following a few basics steps when you decide to discuss divorce with your kids, you can avoid unnecessary family strife. Ultimately, your goal is for both you and your kids to have a happy life after divorce. ... Read more

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A lot depends on what proof you have of your facts, and how long it has been since the original order was entered. You may be able to file to modify the orders, and seek joint custody, but your ex cou ...Read more

I see no issue with your having granparent visitation; however, BOTH parents will have to agree. I suggest that you file a request with the court for granparent visitation so that you will have a cour ...Read more

The question, really, that you have to ask is whether it is in your and your child's best interest to remain in this "marriage."  If not, it is past time to file for divorce, seek a formal custod ...Read more

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Child Custody Restrictions

We were approached with an interesting story. A recently divorced man maintains “partial” custody of his daughter, but that custody is being seriously controlled by his ex-wife. The mother ... Read more

PTSD and Military Child Custody

PTSD characterized in part by sudden aggressive outbursts or sudden violence will be a major obstacle to a current or former service member’s chances of obtaining unsupervised visitation with hi ... Read more

Lawsuit: State threatened to take children after false positive drug test

Lawsuit: State threatened to take children after false positive drug test from ... Read more

Child Custody

Unfortunately, many couples with children split up. When this happens, one parent will normally be given sole custody. While there are some circumstances where a couple may be able to work together we ... Read more


Today’s parents often feel pressure to do it all. The demands on time often take a toll on a marriage, sometimes even resulting in divorce. When faced with deadlines imposed by one’s boss ... Read more

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