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All states have laws in place to protect children from trouble. That trouble might come in many forms, including parental neglect or abuse, kidnapping ... read more
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Divorce Enforcing Custody Rights FAQ
Here are some things to think about when you're attempting to enforce your child custody agreement. Visit a child custody lawyer if you need more specific information. Can I secretly tape my son's telephone conversations with my ex for possible use in court? Can the mother of my child get a modification ... Read more

Divorce Modifying Custody FAQ
At what age can a child decide with which parent to live? Can I modify our custody arrangement because of my ex-wife's internet usage? Can I terminate my ex-spouse's visitation if he or she doesn't pay child support? I have custody of my 10-year-old daughter and want to move to another state. Do I have ... Read more

Divorce Procedures in Wisconsin
When you get a divorce, you legally separate your life from your spouse's. This process can be lengthy and get quite messy, especially if you disagree on terms. Wisconsin has certain rules you must follow to ensure both parties in a divorce are treated fairly. Divorcing Without an Attorney While it is ... Read more

Divorce Law in West Virginia
A divorce or marital dissolution formally ends the marital relationship and the duties and responsibilities of the parties toward one another, including the division of marital assets and debts. If there are minor children involved and an inequitable financial situation exists, there may be continued ... Read more

Virginia Divorce
When you divorce, you and your spouse legally separate your lives. Depending on the length of your marriage and whether you have children, this can get complicated. Virginia statutes outline the procedures you must follow before your divorce can be finalized. Representing Yourself If you choose to represent ... Read more

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You need to file for custody in court if you cennot get him agreed.

You don't really give any facts as to why this is an emergency or how you lost custody in the first place. I would think it would be very difficult to get custody transferred back to you, unless you c ...Read more

File a motion with the court to legally establish a half way meeting point; without that, you two are unfortunately on your own.

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Unaccompanied Minors at the Southwest Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently released statistics regarding the apprehension of unaccompanied alien children or unaccompanied minors during Fiscal Year 2015. You can find these sta ... Read more


The decision todivorce is often not an easy one. Maneuvering through this process can prove challenging, especially when children are involved. It is important that parents focus their energies on mai ... Read more


Unlike divorce, child custody and child support matters, adoption is a family law process that rarely involves conflict. Placing a child in need of a family with a parent or parents to love, ... Read more


If deciding onchild custody arrangements during a divorce were not difficult and complicated enough, parents who practice different religions can also hold conflicting views regarding custody. The iss ... Read more

Senator Suggests Equal Visitation Time With Children

Florida's laws have seemingly always stayed in a state of change with alimony and child custody laws shifting over the last few years. An Oct. 27 report states that a senator in Florida has suggested ... Read more

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