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All states have laws in place to protect children from trouble. That trouble might come in many forms, including parental neglect or abuse, kidnapping ... read more
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Divorce Modifying Custody FAQ
At what age can a child decide with which parent to live? Can I modify our custody arrangement because of my ex-wife's internet usage? Can I terminate my ex-spouse's visitation if he or she doesn't pay child support? I have custody of my 10-year-old daughter and want to move to another state. Do I have ... Read more

Divorce Enforcing Custody Rights FAQ
Here are some things to think about when you're attempting to enforce your child custody agreement. Visit a child custody lawyer if you need more specific information. Can I secretly tape my son's telephone conversations with my ex for possible use in court? Can the mother of my child get a modification ... Read more

Divorce Child Custody FAQ
Learn answers to frequently asked questions about child custody. ... Read more

Divorce Procedures in Wisconsin
When you get a divorce, you legally separate your life from your spouse's. This process can be lengthy and get quite messy, especially if you disagree on terms. Wisconsin has certain rules you must follow to ensure both parties in a divorce are treated fairly. Divorcing Without an Attorney While it is ... Read more

Divorce Law in West Virginia
A divorce or marital dissolution formally ends the marital relationship and the duties and responsibilities of the parties toward one another, including the division of marital assets and debts. If there are minor children involved and an inequitable financial situation exists, there may be continued ... Read more

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The truth is you need to speak to a lawyer to handle this. A child at that age can have a voice in the matter, but generally a judge will still have to find it's in the best interests of the child. Yo ...Read more

There may be a couple of options. You can do a temporary guardianship through probate court. You can also file an uncontested custody petition in superior court. A family law attorney in your area wou ...Read more

This is a tricky issue, and I don't think most attorneys, including me, would want to give you an opinion without quite a bit more information. The short answer is:  If you and the child's f ...Read more

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Divorce tears everyone's world apart, literally and figuratively. Battles over property, finances and retirement funds can rage on for months, and sometimes even years. Parents may find themselves ... Read more


The Maryland Legislature just closed its legislative session and passed some significant new laws inMaryland. The most important is that the corroboration requirement has now been repealed. Previously ... Read more


Assisted reproduction has been in the spotlight lately due to the increasing number ofLGBT families conceiving children. Inevitably, some of these couples separate, and the law is grappling with how t ... Read more

All About Relocation With a Minor Child - Contested (Part 2)

What to do when a petition to relocate is contested? As detailed in Part 1 of All About Relocation With a Minor Child Uncontested, the state of Florida has mandated that no person who is part of a pa ... Read more


A recent study completed at the University of Oslo in Norway found children ofdivorce often lose their educational ambition. The data provides clear evidence that children who experience a parental di ... Read more

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