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Child support orders are typically pretty straightforward: You pay the amount ordered every month or face consequences. Yet some parents don’t take ... read more
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Divorce Calculating Child Support FAQ
Can the court add the money that I receive from a trust to my regular income in calculating the child support that I pay? I receive some money from my brother's rental property. Can the money that I get from my brother's property be used in calculating my support obligations arising out of the divorce? ... Read more

Divorce Establishing Child Support FAQ
A woman is claiming I'm the father of her child. She says she won't seek support if I pay her a lump sum. Will this work? Am I obligated, through the court, to continue to pay support for my disabled daughter after she turns 18? Can the court require me to pay my son's college tuition and expenses in ... Read more

Divorce Modifying Child Support FAQs
At the time of my divorce I was unemployed. I'll be starting college soon. Will student loans be considered "income?" Both my ex and I have moved from the state where we got divorced. He's making more money now and I need more support. Where do I file? Can I get an increase in my child's support order ... Read more

Divorce Paying and Collecting Child Support FAQ
Can I terminate my ex-spouse's visitation if he or she doesn't pay child support? How can I collect overdue support? I haven't seen my ex in 15 years and I have some support judgments against him. I recently found him in another state. Can I collect these judgments from him? I've heard that I can get ... Read more

Divorce Procedures in Wisconsin
When you get a divorce, you legally separate your life from your spouse's. This process can be lengthy and get quite messy, especially if you disagree on terms. Wisconsin has certain rules you must follow to ensure both parties in a divorce are treated fairly. Divorcing Without an Attorney While it is ... Read more

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In Wisconsin, in order for your ex wife to seek more child support from you, she must prove a significant and substantial chnage in circumstances to warrant the court with modifying the order.  U ...Read more

Yourin quiry got routed for a family law inquiry; therea re lawyers specializing in "1983" actions and other suits against the government (you may want to call the state Bar at 702-382-2200 for recomm ...Read more

I cannot understand what you are saying.  What does "sahm ." mean? And what is "1,000 travel soccer."?  I can say that if you have a child support agreement that says that you have to pay ha ...Read more

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Child Support

If you are a single parent, you are likely aware of how expensive it is to properly provide for your child. You may even be struggling to simply keep up with the costs of housing, food and clothin ... Read more

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The Maryland Legislature just closed its legislative session and passed some significant new laws inMaryland. The most important is that the corroboration requirement has now been repealed. Previously ... Read more

When the Children Turn 18--Who Can Collect Child Support Arrearages?

For a variety of reasons, some parents don’t try to collect unpaid child support. Or maybe they try to collect and eventually give up --- again for a variety of reasons. That’s really a pe ... Read more

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