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Child support orders are typically pretty straightforward: You pay the amount ordered every month or face consequences. Yet some parents don’t take ... read more
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Who Pays for the Children's Medical Expenses After a Divorce?
Don't want to be stuck paying for all of your child's medical bills after divorce? Read this article to learn how to ensure both parents share in the children's medical expenses. ... Read more

How Does Divorce Affect Adult Children Financially?
The financial impact of divorce can be far-reaching. It not only affects the spouses, but their children as well. And the fact that one or more of the children may “legally” be adults doesn’t mean the monetary effects of divorce won’t apply to them. ... Read more

How Does Divorce Affect the Children Financially?
Many of the financial changes you’ll experience during a divorce will be even more pronounced once your split is final. An adjustment to finances may also mean an adjustment in your children’s standard of living. Your divorce will inevitably bring financial changes; however, if you know what to expect, you may be able to minimize some of the financial impact on your kids. ... Read more

Divorce Calculating Child Support FAQ
Can the court add the money that I receive from a trust to my regular income in calculating the child support that I pay? I receive some money from my brother's rental property. Can the money that I get from my brother's property be used in calculating my support obligations arising out of the divorce? ... Read more

Divorce Establishing Child Support FAQ
A woman is claiming I'm the father of her child. She says she won't seek support if I pay her a lump sum. Will this work? Am I obligated, through the court, to continue to pay support for my disabled daughter after she turns 18? Can the court require me to pay my son's college tuition and expenses in ... Read more

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I assume you have a written child custody/support agreement (either separate or part of your divorce agreement). You can file a counter-claim or counter-petition not only to recoup the overpayment of ...Read more

I recently wrote a blog about this at our law firm's web site under family law topics. The answer to your question is generally no, as it is against public policy. If he could simply terminate his par ...Read more

You have the option of collecting child support or the SSDI payments that are based on the father's disability.  As the disability is more, you would want that.  You do not get both.   ...Read more

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Child Support

For Minnesota parents who become incarcerated, paying child support when they no longer earn an income can have detrimental effects on their ability to stay out of poverty. In some cases, parents find ... Read more

What Happens When Parents Fight Over Child Custody

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage is challenging enough for most divorcing couples, but for those with children, custody disputes can multiply the level of emotional distress involved. Parents ... Read more

Why am I Paying for Daycare in the Summer? Better Check Your Support Order

Most people who find themselves subject to a support order learn quickly that child support is based on two primary factors: what are the parties’ respective incomes or earning capacities and wh ... Read more

AAML Video Shares ‘Voices of the Children of Divorce’

During a divorce, separation or child custody dispute, the parents may be the primary parties to the disagreement, but there is another involved party who often feels powerless and afraid of what is h ... Read more

Child Support

Minnesota parents who are owed child support might struggle to collect it. This struggle might continue even after the child is no longer a minor. Parents who fall into arrears still must pay past-due ... Read more

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