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"Savior Siblings": Birth for the Sake of Life
Related Item A woman born 20 years ago to save her sister's life spoke recently about her life and her feelings about being a "savior child". Since 1991 public opinion has shifted in favor of creating a life to save an existing one. The legal landscape, which does not yet prohibit this, may also be shifting in ... Read more

Becoming a Foster Parent
When a home environment is unhealthy, state social services will remove minor children from their biological home and place them with foster parents. During this time, the children's biological parents are expected to work at improving the situation so their children can return home to them. The goal ... Read more

Children Have Legal Rights
In most states, for legal purposes, a child is a person under the age of 18. A few states set the age of majority at 17 or 19. Children who are living with their parents have the right to receive basic needs from them. Otherwise, the state must provide those services. Parents Must Provide Basic Necessities ... Read more

My Underage Child is Pregnant
Learning that your underage child is pregnant can be a trying time for any parent. Despite the circumstances, you'll need to help your child weigh all of her options for dealing with the pregnancy. Some of the options, such as abortion and putting the baby up for adoption, may or may not be available, ... Read more

Raising a Child with Special Needs
Parenting any child can be a challenge. Parenting a child who has physical, developmental or emotional disabilities can multiply these demands tenfold. Among the challenges faced by the parent of a special needs child are paying the bills, care-giving on a daily basis, and advocating for your child’s ... Read more

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Not necessarily.  The first thing you want to examine is the existing court order, which may have specific details pertaining to transportation.   The court will always consider the bes ...Read more

Dear Anonymous:   You do not state whether or not the husband and wife still live in Florida, which is important as it dictates what law governs.  Assuming the child and parents are still ...Read more

Dear Mr. Novell:     There are many law firms who could assist you with setting up and operating a small family office.  Finding a firm that is truly competent and who is looking ...Read more

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The Effects of Marriage on Litigation in Maryland

When video of Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice and his then fiancée was released, depicting a February 15, 2014, physical altercation between the two in an Atlantic City casino, myri ... Read more

Does Massachusetts Law Empower Criminal Rapists to Seek Parental Rights?

In 2014, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a law that appeared to offer protection for mothers victimized by sexual assault, but it became widely criticized as inviting additional tra ... Read more


In October, the Supreme Court announced they would determine whether public schools could require transgender students to use the restroom for the gender they were born. A lower court in Virginia, whe ... Read more

What You Need to Know About Collaborative Divorce

Jeanne L. Coleman explains how the Collaborative Divorce process works and what you can expect. It is wise to review all your options and understand the details of what occurs with each option. You wi ... Read more

What You Need to Know About Modification of Alimony at Retirement

Do you know all the conditions around modifying alimony payments in retirement? View the video as Jeanne L. Coleman explains what happens if permanent alimony was ordered in your case and the person p ... Read more

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