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Becoming a Foster Parent
When a home environment is unhealthy, state social services will remove minor children from their biological home and place them with foster parents. During this time, the children's biological parents are expected to work at improving the situation so their children can return home to them. The goal ... Read more

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General answer is that your daughter should not be warried. Based on what you disclosed it is a form of harrasment (could be). However, to give you a more detailed answer, I would need to see the emai ...Read more

Generally both parents must consent for an adoption to take place. The other option is to terminate the rights of the natural parent. This is difficult to do. You will need consultation with a lawyer ...Read more

Great news:  your an adult.  Of course you can move out and take what is yours, meaning your clothes and stuff you either bought yourself or was given to you.  As you are concerned abou ...Read more

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Thanksgiving Eve Is the Biggest Bar Night of the Year

If you’re like most people, you’ll spend the rest of this week reuniting with family, friends, and loved ones. For many, that celebration kicked off last night, the eveni ... Read more

USCIS Offers Benefits to Spouses Children and Parents of Active Members of the US Armed Forces Individuals in the Selected Reserves and Veterans

The Obama Administrative has used executive action to expand the use of parole to assist members of the armed forces, individuals in the reserves, and veterans. Section 212(d)(5)(A) of the INA provide ... Read more

A Common Question I Receive is "What are the rights of the decedent's surviving family?"

The Florida Bar states: "The decedent’s surviving spouse and children may be entitled to receive probate assets from the decedent’s probate estate, even if the decedent’s will g ... Read more


As the proliferation of specialists throughout the healthcare industry makes clear, medicine is more targeted and more specific than ever before. While a patient may have a team of physicians – ... Read more


Unlike divorce, child custody and child support matters, adoption is a family law process that rarely involves conflict. Placing a child in need of a family with a parent or parents to love, ... Read more

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