You can't just file for divorce anywhere, you'll need to make sure you're filing in the right state, county, and courthouse. Continue reading to learn ... read more
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Do-It-Yourself Divorce: The Process
For many considering divorce, images of expensive and explosive Hollywood splits often come to mind. While divorce can be costly, you can save a lot of money by completing your own case. ... Read more

Pros and Cons of Using a Private Judge in My Divorce
Using a private judge in your divorce case can help you get results fast. However, you’ll have some additional expenses and no guarantees that your case will turn out as you’d like. Learn more about the pros and cons of hiring a private judge to decide your divorce. ... Read more

How Can a Divorce Coach Help During My Divorce?
Divorce is an isolating process and can leave you feeling very alone. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed, it’s essential that you don’t forget or ignore the details of your case as child custody, property division, and financial support decisions will affect you for many years to come. ... Read more

How Long Can I Stay on My Ex-Spouse's Health Insurance?
Divorce often means untangling years of shared debts, expenses, assets. and even insurance. If you’re covered on your soon-to-be ex’s insurance plan, it’s essential that you figure out how long coverage will last, and begin making plans for the future. ... Read more

Pros and Cons of a Trial Separation
A trial separation can be a good experience for many couples planning to divorce, but in certain situations, you may be better off avoiding a separation and some of its potentially negative effects. ... Read more

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Depending on the exact terms of your decree, yes you have some options that include holding your ex in contempt and being awarded your attorney fees for having to bring the motion. These are factual ...Read more

In answer to your question, probably not, but of course, no one can offer you any guarantees or promises. Wisconsin divorce law presumes that all property brought into the marriage or acquired during ...Read more

if you have a valid pre-nuptial agreement, you should refer to it in the petition for divorce, and attach it as an exhibit to the petition. It does not need to be notarized to make it legal and bindin ...Read more

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In an opinion issued recently, the Colorado Supreme Court requires trial courts to “actively manage” discovery in divorce cases under C.R.C.P. 16.2. In the Gromicko case, Wife asserted tha ... Read more

Does Massachusetts Law Empower Criminal Rapists to Seek Parental Rights?

In 2014, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a law that appeared to offer protection for mothers victimized by sexual assault, but it became widely criticized as inviting additional tra ... Read more


Statistics show that January is the most popular month of the year for divorce. The first Monday of the year is often considered “Divorce Monday.” Many claim that couples hope that the joy ... Read more


For a number of reasons, Americans 50 and older are divorcing at a much higher rate these days. “Gray divorce” is becoming increasingly common, as advances in healthcare and nutrition have ... Read more

Child Support Payments and Adult Children in Massachusetts

When your child turns 18 – and is technically an adult under the law – do support payments get snuffed out with the candles on the birthday cake? If you live in Massachusetts, a child over ... Read more

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