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You can't just file for divorce anywhere, you'll need to make sure you're filing in the right state, county, and courthouse. Continue reading to learn ... read more
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How Much Does Divorce Cost in Idaho?
We recently surveyed our Idaho readers to find out about their experiences with divorce in their state. Here’s what we found out. How Much Does Divorce Cost in Idaho? According to our survey, the average divorce in Idaho costs $11,200, including $8,800 in attorneys' fees. Attorneys' fees are a significant ... Read more

Do I Need to Attend My Divorce Trial?
Most divorce cases settle before ending up in trial, but if you're headed to court, it's important to know what role you'll play. Can you ask your attorney to handle your entire divorce trial, or will you need to be there too? ... Read more

How Much Spousal Support Will I Get in My Divorce?
How do judges decide whether to award alimony? ... Read more

Will I Get Child Custody in My Divorce?
Am I going to lose custody of my kids when I get divorced? ... Read more

Who Decides Child Custody and Visitation Issues in My Divorce?
Learn more about how custody decisions will be made in your divorce. ... Read more

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There is no legal reason why not.  For background and detail on Nevada's marriage laws, see here.

Under Wisconsin law, all property, whether owned before the marriage or during the marriage, is presumptively equally divided at the time of the divorce. The only property that is exempt is property r ...Read more

If the third person is also on the lease everyone has equal rights to remain in the apartment. If the third person is a roommate, then his/her tenancy may be terminated by service of the appropriate n ...Read more

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Imputing Income For Support | Callagy Family Law Blog

Original Post Here: http://callagylaw.com/imputing-income-support-callagy-family-law-blog/ The following article was written by Callagy Law’s Legal Team, and will focus on many common quest ... Read more

Is Cheating Okay in A Marriage?

While cruising (pardon the pun) through that bastion of “truth, justice and the American way” news medium, Fox News, I happened upon an article by Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist, on t ... Read more

Prenuptial Agreement

Just as most people do not like thinking about preparing a will, most engaged couples do not like to consider the need for a prenuptial agreement. Suggesting to a soon-to-be-spouse that you and he ... Read more


Divorce tears everyone's world apart, literally and figuratively. Battles over property, finances and retirement funds can rage on for months, and sometimes even years. Parents may find themselves ... Read more

Property and Divorce

A woman reports that when she and her ex-husband divorced, they agreed to let their family home foreclose. Since then, he has filed for bankruptcy to delay the foreclosure, he began once again to pay ... Read more

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