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What Kind of Child-Related Information Can Be Discovered During My Divorce?
What sort of child-related information can I obtain through the discovery process in my divorce? ... READ MORE

What Are Mandatory Disclosures in a Divorce?
What are mandatory disclosures, and how do they affect your divorce case? ... READ MORE

Voluntary Exchange During the Divorce Process
Contested divorces are often fraught with bitterness and anxiety, taking an emotional toll on all involved. Frequently, there’s also a sense of frustration, a feeling you have no say in how the divorce process evolves. But you may have more control than you think. ... READ MORE

Top 10 Tips When Gathering Information for Your Divorce
What are the most important documents to gather before you or your spouse moves out? ... READ MORE

What Documents Do I Need to Keep After My Divorce Is Finalized?
Learn what documents you need to retain after your divorce is over. ... READ MORE

Be Careful What You Post on Facebook During Your Divorce
We live in a connected culture, where many of us enjoy receiving public praise for our accomplishments, cute kids, or exotic vacations. However, when you’re going through a divorce, careless posts on social media sites like Facebook can affect your case. Find out why many attorneys advise their clients to avoid social media while navigating through a divorce. ... READ MORE

How Health Records Can Be Used During Divorce
Medical histories may be relevant in your divorce case. ... READ MORE

Tips on Answering Divorce Interrogatories
Discovery is an essential part of a divorce. Whether you and your spouse settle early on or take your case all the way through trial, you’ll need certain information to resolve your divorce. When you’re served with divorce interrogatories, resist the urge to panic and follow the tips below to help your case. ... READ MORE

Tips on Answering Requests for Admission
During your divorce, you and your spouse will likely exchange documents and written discovery requests, including requests for admission. You are obligated to answer any form of discovery truthfully. However, responding to requests for admission requires honesty and careful wording to protect your claims. ... READ MORE

Request for Admission: Can It Help My Divorce Case?
Carefully drafted requests for admission can help prove your claims and save you time and money at trial. ... READ MORE


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Your question may be just phrased awkwardly, but: You cannot file in the Nevada courts for a divorce decree to be entered in the Kansas courts. You can file for divorce in Kansas, through Kansas div ...Read more

From what you say, your wife filed in Utah, your children, house, and the like are all in Utah. That means that it is a Utah divorce and you will need a Utah attorney. Your situation involves major f ...Read more

If the case is contested, it takes approximately 1 year from the date the Petition is filed through the trial date, if there are no delays. However, if there are temporary issues that need to be ...Read more

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Military Divorces

Military divorces are different than civilian cases, and often times more complicated. That’s why the confusion was understandable when a potential client approached us with questions regarding ... Read more

New Wheels: Cars after Divorce

What I’m going to tell you may sound cynical and you may hate me for it but before you go out and buy a vehicle in your name for a spouse or co-sign with them take these things into consideratio ... Read more

You Have Rights In Divorce

Be aware of your divorce rights! You may lose them if you don’t consult a qualified, experienced divorce lawyer at the first sign of a breakup…You may lose them if you don’t consult ... Read more

Man Sentenced For Taking Daughter To Florida Without Custody

When a custody arrangement is in place, it’s not legal to take your child away from the other parent without permission in most cases. You cannot flee the country or move without addressing cust ... Read more

Appealing Family Court Orders


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