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Divorce in Texas: How Much Does It Cost? How Long Does It Take?
We recently surveyed our Texas readers to find out about their experiences with divorce in the state. Here’s what we found out. How Much Does Divorce Cost in Texas? According to our survey results, the average Texas divorce cost $15,600, including $12,400 in attorneys' fees. That’s 22% higher ... READ MORE

Divorce Discovery: Request for Production of Documents
Responding to a request for documents from your spouse’s attorney may seem overwhelming, but failing to comply can have serious consequences. ... READ MORE

What to Expect in a Preliminary Divorce Hearing
Learn more about how courts handle these initial hearings. ... READ MORE

What Kind of Child-Related Information Can Be Discovered During My Divorce?
What sort of child-related information can I obtain through the discovery process in my divorce? ... READ MORE

What Are Mandatory Disclosures in a Divorce?
What are mandatory disclosures, and how do they affect your divorce case? ... READ MORE

Voluntary Exchange During the Divorce Process
Contested divorces are often fraught with bitterness and anxiety, taking an emotional toll on all involved. Frequently, there’s also a sense of frustration, a feeling you have no say in how the divorce process evolves. But you may have more control than you think. ... READ MORE

Top 10 Tips When Gathering Information for Your Divorce
What are the most important documents to gather before you or your spouse moves out? ... READ MORE

What Documents Do I Need to Keep After My Divorce Is Finalized?
Learn what documents you need to retain after your divorce is over. ... READ MORE

Be Careful What You Post on Facebook During Your Divorce
We live in a connected culture, where many of us enjoy receiving public praise for our accomplishments, cute kids, or exotic vacations. However, when you’re going through a divorce, careless posts on social media sites like Facebook can affect your case. Find out why many attorneys advise their clients to avoid social media while navigating through a divorce. ... READ MORE

How Health Records Can Be Used During Divorce
Medical histories may be relevant in your divorce case. ... READ MORE


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NJ is a no-fault divorce state, so it does not matter who leaves or who may be at fault. Just that there are irreconcilable differences between you and your husband for six months or more and no reaso ...Read more

The short answer is, if your husband makes more money than you, you're entitled to spousal support. Regardless of income, you're also entitled to half of everything accumulated by both of you during t ...Read more

The "Q" in QDRO is for "qualified', and a domestic relations order is not qualified unless it gives notice to the pension fund manager that a specific portion of the pension funds is to be set aside f ...Read more

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If you are one of the millions who stay in touch with friends and family through social media, you may be facing a big challenge as you and your spouse work through your divorce. You may be used to ch ... Read more

Assets in a Divorce

During a Minnesota divorce, a former couple will have to divide up any property they obtained during their marriage. For many, this means making decisions about the family home. One person often wants ... Read more

Refusing to Refile

Just as each person is different, every divorce case is different. Perhaps if this wasn’t true, there’d be less divorce! Though that world might be easier, it certainly isn’t the one ... Read more

Can We Share An Attorney When Divorcing?

Do you know why divorces are so expensive? Because they’re worth it. All joking aside, getting divorced can be expensive, especially if both parties hire attorneys. The high cost of divorce has ... Read more

Divorcing a Spouse with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Our client writes, After 30+ years of mental abuse, she finally feels safe enough to divorce her husband. She is the sole bread winner and he is convinced she is hiding money from him. His attorney cl ... Read more

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