You can't just file for divorce anywhere, you'll need to make sure you're filing in the right state, county, and courthouse. Continue reading to learn ... read more
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Annulment Versus Divorce
When it comes to formalizing the end of a marriage, most people immediately think of divorce. But, depending on your particular circumstances, annulment may also be a possibility. They’re not interchangeable, and you need to know the differences in order to take the correct route. ... Read more

Do-It-Yourself Divorce: Top Five Tips
If you don’t have the money to hire an attorney, you may want to handle your divorce case on your own. Continue reading for some tips on doing things right. ... Read more

How Is Debt Divided in a Divorce?
While most couples are focused on dividing assets in a divorce, dividing debt can be just as important. This article explains how different types of debts are divided during divorce. ... Read more

Do I Have to Pay for My Spouse's Student Loan Debt When We Divorce?
Who pays for a spouse's student loans after divorce? ... Read more

What Is a Divorce Coach?
If you’ve decided to end your marriage and feel like you need some extra support, a cheerleader, or a divorce mentor, you may want to hire a divorce coach. In collaboration with your attorney, a divorce coach can help you reach your goals in your divorce and move forward after your case is over. ... Read more

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   Under Florida law, this state has jurisdiction to enter a divorce when at least one of the parties resides in the state of Florida. On the converse side, if both parties lived in Florida ...Read more

In general, if one works hard and gets everything together timely, one can obtain a temporary order in about 4 weeks or so. I have no understanding as to why you do not have any temporary orders in p ...Read more

You can file without him signing and ask for a default judgment.  If he doesn't answer the complaint, it can be scheduled for a hearing and if he doesn't show up, default will be enetered.  ...Read more

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Assets in a Divorce

In some cases, Minnesota parents may want to give certain financial assets or other property to their children in order to pass it down through the family. If the child later gets married, however, th ... Read more

Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets? You can Investigate

Getting a divorce is difficult, and you know that part of that struggle is dividing your assets. For many people, this is relatively straightforward, but for others, there may be assets they aren&#821 ... Read more

8 Legal Terms You Should Know in Family Law

Maybe you are considering asking your spouse for a divorce, or perhaps you’ve already been served with a divorce complaint. Regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a divo ... Read more

There’s No Custody Order, So What’s Stopping Me?

An all too common question among people who are contemplating moving out of a residence that is shared with the other parent and minor children is “if there is no custody order in effect, why ca ... Read more


In the state of Maryland, married couples have a financial responsibility to each other. The law says that one spouse has to support the other financially and vice versa. This obligation exists even i ... Read more

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