You can't just file for divorce anywhere, you'll need to make sure you're filing in the right state, county, and courthouse. Continue reading to learn ... read more
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Differences Between Fault and No-Fault Divorce?
Every state offers a no-fault divorce option to people seeking a divorce. But some states also offer fault-based grounds for divorce, which are rarely pursued but still remain a viable option for those whose spouses have engaged in marital misconduct. ... Read more

Can I Write My Own Divorce Settlement?
What should you do if you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, but don't want to hire a lawyer? ... Read more

What Is a Fault Divorce?
Maybe you've heard about "fault-based" divorce or watched news stories about celebrity divorce. But what does it mean for a divorce to be based on fault? ... Read more

Divorce Checklist: How Should I Prepare for Divorce?
Getting divorced is overwhelming. Where to begin? ... Read more

What Is a No-fault Divorce?
What is no-fault divorce, and why is it quicker and easier than other kinds of divorce? ... Read more

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Contact the firm and find out where the lawyer went.  Call the lawyer and get confirmation that he/she has taken your case and will continue to represent you.  If you cannot get confirmation ...Read more

The law allows you to represent yourself in a divorce proceeding.  However, the divorce process is complex and you may be at a disadvantage by representing yourself.  You should at least con ...Read more

South Carolina is an "equitable distribution" state.  Generally, parties' marital assets are going to be divided equally.  Date of acquisition, and source of funds for purchase are two of th ...Read more

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Healthy Divorce

If you and your spouse have recently decided that divorce is the best way forward, chances are that someone has shared an unsolicited divorce “horror story” with you. While it is true that ... Read more

Abuse and Divorce in Florida – Know Your Rights

If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Florida, it is even more important to ensure that you understand the full scope of your rights and that you get help from an experienced Florida divorce ... Read more

Reducing Holiday Stress Starts With Good Planning

The holidays are approaching, and it can be a difficult time for those going through a divorce or who have already divorced. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your holidays happy. ... Read more

Thanksgiving Traditions-How do we create New ones with a New Family Dynamic

  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (okay, it’s not a news flash, but just in case you were still stuck in the campaign coma from a few weeks ago, we’ve moved on).  And with Thanksgiving, ... Read more

5 Reasons Your Prenuptial Agreement Might Get Thrown Out

A premarital agreement, when created legally, stands up in court very well. There are situations when a prenuptial agreement can become invalid, though. Here are five of the most common reasons and wa ... Read more

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