You can't just file for divorce anywhere, you'll need to make sure you're filing in the right state, county, and courthouse. Continue reading to learn ... read more
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How to Handle Divorce Negotiations With an Angry Spouse
Your spouse’s hot temper may be one of the reasons you're seeking a divorce. If you fan the flames of your spouse’s anger, you may make things worse. On the other hand, you can't be a doormat or settle your case on an angry spouse’s terms. When dealing with someone who can't manage anger or who tries to bully you into submission, it's best to try and handle your divorce negotiations politely but firmly. ... Read more

How Substance Abuse Issues May Affect Alimony in Divorce
Courts may have different ways of dealing with awarding alimony to a spouse who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. ... Read more

What Makes a Fair Divorce Settlement?
What to look for in a fair divorce settlement agreement. ... Read more

Using a Nonbinding Mediation Session to Settle Before Divorce Court
Many divorcing couples find that mediation provides a way to maintain control over costs and major decisions in their case. The key is to know what to expect at a divorce mediation and come prepared. ... Read more

Five Divorce Settlement Mistakes to Avoid
Learn about some of the common mistakes spouses make when negotiating a divorce settlement, and how you can avoid them. ... Read more

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Short answer -- probably yes.  For information about grounds and jursdiction for filing for divorce in Nevada, see here and here. You may need to consult with a family law specialist -- not ever ...Read more

If you have children together, this will negatively effect her regarding the “custody” decision. If you live together in a residence right now, she is not allowed to come back to that resi ...Read more

Without more detail, I am not sure whether the documents you signed were actually used; they could have been. What I'd need to do is review your case, and see if orders based on those documents were s ...Read more

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Two Washington sociologists presented their research findings recently at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. After studying the state’s divorce filings over a four-year ... Read more

Franklin Divorce Lawyers: Millennials Are Changing the Rules on Marriage

Marriage used to be the foundation for starting one’s life as an independent adult. These days, some say marriage seems like a mere afterthought to young people. According to the Boston Globe, m ... Read more

Can a divorce be granted over the other party’s objection?

       Many times in divorce cases, there is not a mutual meeting of the minds that the marriage is over. One party wants to move forward with the divorce, and the other ... Read more

The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Getting engaged to your significant other can be one of the most exciting times of your life. The thought of spending the rest of your life with the person of your dreams can put to rest lots of doubt ... Read more


There are more baby boomers divorcing than ever before in Minnesota and the rest of the country. The National Center for Family & Marriage reports that the divorce for couples over age 65 has trip ... Read more

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