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Divorce Discovery: How to Get Information During Your Divorce
If you can't count on your spouse to produce all the divorce-related information you need, the discovery process can help. ... Read more

How Do I Obtain Copies of My Spouse's Social Media Posts During Divorce?
If you’re a regular social media user going through a divorce, you should always err on the side of caution because either spouse’s posts may become relevant to your case. ... Read more

Splitting Assets in Divorce: Finding Out How Much My Spouse Spent on a Lover
You’ve already decided that you’re getting a divorce. Then your worst suspicions are confirmed – your spouse had an affair. While it can be a bit of a relief to know you were right, you’ll probably also feel hurt, scared, angry, and sad. Once you get over the initial shock, you may start to wonder how much your spouse spent on his or her lover. Read on to learn how important this information can be to the division of property in your divorce. ... Read more

Can My Lover Be Subpoenaed in My Divorce?
Infidelity is a very common problem in today’s marriages. While studies disagree on how many spouses actually cheat, the consensus is that infidelity in marriage is at least as common as fidelity. Divorces based on adultery are often messy, and jilted spouses sometimes go after their spouse’s lover. ... Read more

Can I Object to a Notice for a Divorce Deposition?
Your divorce case has taken longer than you expected, and you and your spouse are arguing over every last detail. Your attorney deposed your spouse, and now, your spouse’s attorney wants to take your deposition. Read on to find out more about objecting to a divorce deposition notice. ... Read more

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There is no question there.  You can find a notary anywhere (your bank, any lawyer's office, etc.).  Instructions on how to file papers are on the self-help center website.  If you requ ...Read more

No competent lawyer would ever give a "for sure" response to an email inquiry with this few of facts.  For an explanation of the relevant legal tests, procedures, and links to the statutes, etc., ...Read more

These facts are a bit sketchy, so the proper response is "maybe."  We have seen this scenario many times before.Nevada residency is NOT required for an annulment of a marriage that was performed ...Read more

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If you are considering filing for divorce, you are most likely not happy in your marriage. It can be easy to blame your spouse and external factors for putting stress on your marriage, but have you co ... Read more


Many Americans unfortunately find themselves facing the prospects of divorce and bankruptcy at the same time. Knowing which to file first can affect your livelihood for better or worse. Filing strateg ... Read more

How are Property & Assets Divided in a New York Divorce case?

New York is an “equitable property” state. This means that any property, asset and/or debt accrued during your marriage is considered marital property, and therefore subject to distributio ... Read more

High-Asset Divorces: There Are Many Factors To Consider

No divorce is fun to go through, and when there are thousands upon thousands of dollars of assets on the line, it can become incredibly difficult to negotiate. If neither side wants to compromise, a h ... Read more


The decision to divorce is best made not in the heat of an argument, but after careful and thorough contemplation. Our family law firm recommends choosing a divorce attorney in the same manner. There& ... Read more

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