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How Long Can I Stay on My Ex-Spouse's Health Insurance?
Divorce often means untangling years of shared debts, expenses, assets. and even insurance. If you’re covered on your soon-to-be ex’s insurance plan, it’s essential that you figure out how long coverage will last, and begin making plans for the future. ... Read more

How Does a Remarriage After Divorce Affect Adult Children Financially?
When people get divorced, it can have a financial effect on the entire family, including in some cases, adult children. ... Read more

Re-opening Property Division Issues After Your Divorce
Under certain circumstances, an ex spouse can ask the family court to reopen a divorce case and award additional property. ... Read more

When Children Travel With One Parent Post-Divorce
Lingering bitterness, scheduling conflicts, and destination concerns are just some of the reasons traveling with the kids after a divorce might be difficult. Fortunately, most of these can be avoided by advanced planning. ... Read more

Getting Retroactive Alimony in Your Divorce
When can you ask a judge for retroactive alimony payments? ... Read more

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I assume you have custody and your ex has visitation and pays child support, since you mention your kids no longer "visit" him. If your ex pays support, he gets a tax deduction. If he pays no support ...Read more

sure.  if they both agree.  and they both understand what they're agreeing to.  buy by excluding it now, you may be asking for trouble later, when you try and determine how that propoer ...Read more

You need someone who is knowledgeable about BOTH things. If your divorce attorney is not comfortable with DV cases or has not done many, you should seek someone who has. Call anytime. Edward Zohn, A ...Read more

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Michigan Divorce with Special Needs Child: Medical Costs

Michigan Divorce with Special Needs Child: Medical Costs Divorce is not something that couples want to do but there may come a time when a couple decides that divorce is the answer. Divorce can be com ... Read more


The divorce rate for older couples in Minnesota and around the country has essentially doubled since the 1990s. In fact, for adults in the United States who were 50 years of age or older in 2015, 10 o ... Read more

MEN: Here’s A Few Tips For Handling Your Finances During Divorce

Men who are going through a divorce might think they’re biased against in court, but fortunately, that’s not the case. There are many things you can do to help make this divorce go smoothl ... Read more

Moving with Children Post-Divorce in Massachusetts

Custody arrangements often necessitate parents living in relatively close proximity to each other to facilitate the back-and-forth nature of the physical custody schedule. However, personal situations ... Read more

Income Attribution in MA Child Support and Alimony Cases

In cases involving child support and alimony in Massachusetts, can a party be made accountable for the money he or she is not making? Child support and alimony orders can become a complicated matter i ... Read more

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