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Common Law Marriage and Divorce: What Happens to the Kids?
Ending a relationship when you have children can be difficult. And if you're unmarried, it adds another layer of complexity. How things play out under these circumstances may depend on whether your relationship is considered a common law marriage. ... Read more

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: What Happens to the Property?
If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, odds are you and your partner have accumulated personal property and possibly some real estate. If you're in a common law marriage, it will affect how your assets are divided. Find out more about property distribution and common law marriage. ... Read more

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: Do I Have to Pay Alimony?
Find out whether alimony is available after a common law marriage. ... Read more

What Is Common Law Marriage?
Learn more about this uncommon form of legal marriage. ... Read more

What States Recognize Common Law Marriage?
Learn more about common law marriage and where these partnerships are recognized. ... Read more

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The attorneys at Weinberger Law Group are happy to help. We offer a free initial consultation, in which we can discuss with you and prepare New Jersey child support guidelines calculations provided we ...Read more

It sounds as if you are now, and may intend to continue, to be involved with your mother (even if only as a landlord).  However, if you wish to pursue formal emancipation, there is a mechanism fo ...Read more

If you have a stalking injuction, I'd need to see that and determine what it says about having the children around. And, if he is having these mental breaks, should the children be around him at all? ...Read more

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The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Getting engaged to your significant other can be one of the most exciting times of your life. The thought of spending the rest of your life with the person of your dreams can put to rest lots of doubt ... Read more

Abandoned Marriage: Grounds for Divorce?

It always seems that when we actually really need something, we can’t seem to find it. When you’re late for a meeting with the boss, you can’t locate your keys. When the pizza man is ... Read more

What is Limited Assistance Representation and is it Right for You?

Limited Assistance Representation, also known as LAR, is when an attorney is hired to assist a litigant with a portion(s) of his or her legal matter rather than representing the litigant in the entire ... Read more

Divorce Story: “For me, everything was 100 percent about my kid”

Client Interview-Tampa, FL August 2, 2016 I consulted Jeanne about getting a divorce, even before I decided to go ahead with it. One of my biggest concerns was about child custody. She explained to me ... Read more

Divorce Story: “Sane, calm and moving forward”

Client Interview-Tampa, FL August 12, 2016 I thought about getting divorced for 10 years before I went to see Jeanne to talk with her about representing me. I wanted her as my attorney because it was ... Read more

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