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Love and Finances: Money-Proof Your Relationship
A long time ago, many marriages were arranged for financial or social gain.  The bride's family gave the groom's family a dowry to start the couple out in life. This money became his money. Later, marriages were for love, but the husband worked outside the home and the wife in the home still without ... Read more

Many people marry more than once. If you are planning on remarrying, you should be aware of certain related issues that may arise. There may be past obligations, such as child support and alimony, which could affect your relationship with your new spouse. There are also certain requirements that you ... Read more

What Is Marriage?
Legal marriage is based on contract law. When you marry, you enter into an agreement with your spouse to create a life union. Although many people hold marriage ceremonies in churches, mosques or synagogues, you must obtain a state marriage license for the marriage to be legal. Your religious beliefs ... Read more

Could Your Spouse Be Keeping Money Secrets?
by Tara Rummell Berson, REDBOOK contributor Nearly one in three adults has lied to their spouse or partner about their finances, according to an exclusive REDBOOK/ poll. So if you're not a trained PI, and want to suss out whether your partner is a money stasher or a spendthrift, here are some ... Read more

Couples Say Not All Is Fair In Love and Money
Money may not buy love but handling money the right way could improve a relationship. That's one finding of a survey that looked at spending habits of couples in committed relationships. The survey found that nearly a quarter of U.S. adults age 25 to 55 who are in a committed relationship say honesty ... Read more

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Generally both parents must consent for an adoption to take place. The other option is to terminate the rights of the natural parent. This is difficult to do. You will need consultation with a lawyer ...Read more

Great news:  your an adult.  Of course you can move out and take what is yours, meaning your clothes and stuff you either bought yourself or was given to you.  As you are concerned abou ...Read more

   It depends. Typically the law of the state where the judgment or divorce was entered governs the enforcement. Therefore, although Florida does not require parents to pay for post secondar ...Read more

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A Common Question I Receive is "What are the rights of the decedent's surviving family?"

The Florida Bar states: "The decedent’s surviving spouse and children may be entitled to receive probate assets from the decedent’s probate estate, even if the decedent’s will g ... Read more


As the proliferation of specialists throughout the healthcare industry makes clear, medicine is more targeted and more specific than ever before. While a patient may have a team of physicians – ... Read more


Unlike divorce, child custody and child support matters, adoption is a family law process that rarely involves conflict. Placing a child in need of a family with a parent or parents to love, ... Read more

Employers are Paying More While Employees Get Less Workers' Comp Benefits

According to a report from the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI), employees who suffer injuries on the job are receiving fewer benefits through workers’ compensation even though their ... Read more

New BIA Decision on Continuous Physical Presence and Cancellation (1): Matter of Castrejo-Colino

Introduction: Matter of Castrejon-ColinoOn October 28, 2015, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) decided two important cases pertaining to the 10-year continuous physical presence requirement for e ... Read more

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