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I Do, I Do, I Do: Is Polygamy Legal?
For most, being married to one person is perfectly normal and forms the basis for a happy family life. For others, though, having more than one spouse is a way of life. But there may be consequences for choosing that lifestyle. In the Open In Utah, four women consider themselves the wives of the same ... Read more

Love and Finances: Money-Proof Your Relationship
A long time ago, many marriages were arranged for financial or social gain.  The bride's family gave the groom's family a dowry to start the couple out in life. This money became his money. Later, marriages were for love, but the husband worked outside the home and the wife in the home still without ... Read more

Many people marry more than once. If you are planning on remarrying, you should be aware of certain related issues that may arise. There may be past obligations, such as child support and alimony, which could affect your relationship with your new spouse. There are also certain requirements that you ... Read more

What Is Marriage?
Legal marriage is based on contract law. When you marry, you enter into an agreement with your spouse to create a life union. Although many people hold marriage ceremonies in churches, mosques or synagogues, you must obtain a state marriage license for the marriage to be legal. Your religious beliefs ... Read more

Could Your Spouse Be Keeping Money Secrets?
by Tara Rummell Berson, REDBOOK contributor Nearly one in three adults has lied to their spouse or partner about their finances, according to an exclusive REDBOOK/ poll. So if you're not a trained PI, and want to suss out whether your partner is a money stasher or a spendthrift, here are some ... Read more

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Parents have an obligation to support their children.  You may file an application for spousal and child support even without filing for divorce.  If your application is granted, you would b ...Read more

If you and your child(ren)'s mother do not agree to a modification in the parenting time schedule, to seek relief through the court, you will need to file a motion.  In New Jersey, for a chi ...Read more

Your situation is complex and is not easily answered in this forum.  You will be best served by seeking a consultation with a lawyer, many of whom offer a free initial consultaion.  Best wis ...Read more

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Domestic Violence

      I have talked to many victims of domestic violence over the years who make the mistake of not reporting the incident to authorities or seeking appropriate medical care f ... Read more

Change of Venue: A How To

In divorce, one of the most common questions we hear is how? How do I file? How do I get child custody? How do I come out of the other side of this mess? With so many hows, sometimes our most importan ... Read more

A House Divided-If You Fight About Football, What About the Election?

   In a recent blog,  I felt I made a compelling case as to why, whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump ultimately make it to the Whitehouse, they need in (White) House Family Law Coun ... Read more

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