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Common Law Marriage and Divorce: What Happens to the Kids?
Ending a relationship when you have children can be difficult. And if you're unmarried, it adds another layer of complexity. How things play out under these circumstances may depend on whether your relationship is considered a common law marriage. ... Read more

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: Do I Have to Pay Alimony?
Find out whether alimony is available after a common law marriage. ... Read more

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: What Happens to the Property?
If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, odds are you and your partner have accumulated personal property and possibly some real estate. If you're in a common law marriage, it will affect how your assets are divided. Find out more about property distribution and common law marriage. ... Read more

What Is Common Law Marriage?
Learn more about this uncommon form of legal marriage. ... Read more

What States Recognize Common Law Marriage?
Learn more about common law marriage and where these partnerships are recognized. ... Read more

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Your son is going to have to look for a job where his hours are set on your watch; I'm not sure why your ex is against your son working, but his reasons may be valid, such as, for example, his grades ...Read more

He may have some rights depending upon how long you were married, how bills were paid, and what increase in equity there has been during the marriage. If you want an order that he can only come back w ...Read more

A case was just argued before the Nevada Supreme Court a couple of months ago that might change the rules about who can have a baby's name made or changed -- a decision is due out at any time, and any ...Read more

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Are You Living with a Narcissist?

Many times I have encountered clients who describe initially meeting their marriage partner and being attracted to the amazing confidence, charm, persuasion and control displayed by that person. Over ... Read more

Preparing for Divorce: Gather Basic Information

Depending on your situation, a divorce can be very simple, very complicated or somewhere in between. In all cases, there is basic information you should gather as you start the process. Below is a lis ... Read more

How Adultery Can Affect YOU Even After A Separation

When you’re ready to file for divorce, you might be considering moving on with another person. Even if both you and your spouse agree to a divorce, it may be a better idea to wait to become sexu ... Read more

The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Getting engaged to your significant other can be one of the most exciting times of your life. The thought of spending the rest of your life with the person of your dreams can put to rest lots of doubt ... Read more

Abandoned Marriage: Grounds for Divorce?

It always seems that when we actually really need something, we can’t seem to find it. When you’re late for a meeting with the boss, you can’t locate your keys. When the pizza man is ... Read more

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