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Top 10 Money Tips for a Successful Marriage
Financial problems are one of the leading causes of divorce. Money touches nearly every aspect of marriage from looming bills to the type of lifestyle you lead. How much money you have, and how you spend it, will affect your relationship with your spouse now and for years to come. Couples who follow some basic spending rules are far more likely to have happier, more successful marriages. ... Read more

What Is Spousal Privilege?
Historically, married couples have enjoyed special privileges ranging from tax benefits to courtroom privileges. The “spousal privilege” also called the “marital privilege,” protects the sanctity of spousal communications. In certain circumstances, married couples don’t have to testify against a spouse or disclose confidential conversations with a spouse. Read on to find out more about the spousal privilege and it’s application in the courtroom. ... Read more

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: What Happens to the Kids?
Ending a relationship when you have children can be difficult. And if you're unmarried, it adds another layer of complexity. How things play out under these circumstances may depend on whether your relationship is considered a common law marriage. ... Read more

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: Do I Have to Pay Alimony?
Find out whether alimony is available after a common law marriage. ... Read more

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: What Happens to the Property?
If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, odds are you and your partner have accumulated personal property and possibly some real estate. If you're in a common law marriage, it will affect how your assets are divided. Find out more about property distribution and common law marriage. ... Read more

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It sounds like you are either seeking to have people other than your parents become your legal guardians, or become an emancipated minor.  If it's the first option, there would need to be a discu ...Read more

It is extraordinarily difficult to sue most governmental agencies because of "sovereign immunity."  However, your question is not a family law inquiry; you should consider starting with "tort law ...Read more

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Divorce Story – “A caring legal team I could trust”

When I consulted with Jeanne, I told her I wasn’t happy with my marriage. I had been married for 39 years. You know, we can all love. But when that love doesn’t include happiness, love wil ... Read more

High-Asset Divorces: There Are Many Factors To Consider

No divorce is fun to go through, and when there are thousands upon thousands of dollars of assets on the line, it can become incredibly difficult to negotiate. If neither side wants to compromise, a h ... Read more

Understanding prenuptial agreements

• What to know about prenuptialsPrenuptials are agreements between premarital couples or partners planning a civil union. They set out contemplated guidelines for protecting assets, property and ... Read more

States Can No Longer Decide How To Divide Military Retired Pay

Contributing Author: Dianne L. Schechter, Paralegal The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 (NDAA 17) contained a major revision of how military pension division orders are written ... Read more

Legal Separation

Minnesota couples whose marriages are on the rocks may choose to go through a physical separation as opposed to a complete divorce. However, there are issues that they need to consider before they cho ... Read more

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