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Can I Get Married If I'm Under 18?
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Get a Free Evaluation For Your Family Law Case From a Local Attorney

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I would be happy to answer your question, but you didn't ask a question. I understand you are upset and feeling depressed about the status of your case. Do you have a specific question though?

The message is too cryptic to answer.  If the question is actually "is cheating relevant in a divorce?" the usual answer is "no," unless there is something else -- missing community funds, transm ...Read more

This is not actually a family law inquiry.  You are going to need to consult with a criminal law attorney who is knowledgeable about procedures and requirement for visitation.  If you have a ...Read more

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Premarital Agreements

Prenuptial agreement and divorce law concept as a justice scale with wedding rings as a symbol of a relationship contract before a marriage or civil union or getting divorced. A man recently approache ... Read more

Military Divorces

Military divorces are different than civilian cases, and often times more complicated. That’s why the confusion was understandable when a potential client approached us with questions regarding ... Read more

Four Veteran Attorneys Speak Truth to Current & Aspiring Law Students

THEME:Collecting a panel of experienced lawyers practicing in Colorado, California, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, we looked to get some no-nonsense, deeply practical career and life input for the many s ... Read more

Property Division

Most people have some idea their partner is about to file for divorce, and spouses in Minnesota usually don’t seek an end to their marriage without making some plans. If it seems like a possibil ... Read more

Child Custody: Military Style

An active-duty military serviceman recently approached us with an inquiry regarding his wish to gain custody of his two sons, as the other siblings are over 18 years old and living independently. ... Read more

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