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Top 10 Money Tips for a Successful Marriage
Financial problems are one of the leading causes of divorce. Money touches nearly every aspect of marriage from looming bills to the type of lifestyle you lead. How much money you have, and how you spend it, will affect your relationship with your spouse now and for years to come. Couples who follow some basic spending rules are far more likely to have happier, more successful marriages. ... READ MORE

What Is Spousal Privilege?
Historically, married couples have enjoyed special privileges ranging from tax benefits to courtroom privileges. The “spousal privilege” also called the “marital privilege,” protects the sanctity of spousal communications. In certain circumstances, married couples don’t have to testify against a spouse or disclose confidential conversations with a spouse. Read on to find out more about the spousal privilege and it’s application in the courtroom. ... READ MORE

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: What Happens to the Kids?
Ending a relationship when you have children can be difficult. And if you're unmarried, it adds another layer of complexity. How things play out under these circumstances may depend on whether your relationship is considered a common law marriage. ... READ MORE

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: Do I Have to Pay Alimony?
Find out whether alimony is available after a common law marriage. ... READ MORE

Common Law Marriage and Divorce: What Happens to the Property?
If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, odds are you and your partner have accumulated personal property and possibly some real estate. If you're in a common law marriage, it will affect how your assets are divided. Find out more about property distribution and common law marriage. ... READ MORE

What Is Common Law Marriage?
Learn more about this uncommon form of legal marriage. ... READ MORE

What States Recognize Common Law Marriage?
Learn more about common law marriage and where these partnerships are recognized. ... READ MORE

I Do, I Do, I Do: Is Polygamy Legal?
For most, being married to one person is perfectly normal and forms the basis for a happy family life. For others, though, having more than one spouse is a way of life. But there may be consequences for choosing that lifestyle. In the Open In Utah, four women consider themselves the wives of the same ... READ MORE

Love and Finances: Money-Proof Your Relationship
A long time ago, many marriages were arranged for financial or social gain.  The bride's family gave the groom's family a dowry to start the couple out in life. This money became his money. Later, marriages were for love, but the husband worked outside the home and the wife in the home still without ... READ MORE

Many people marry more than once. If you are planning on remarrying, you should be aware of certain related issues that may arise. There may be past obligations, such as child support and alimony, which could affect your relationship with your new spouse. There are also certain requirements that you ... READ MORE


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If you have had primary care of your granddaughter for at least 6 months AND you file for visitation/possession and access within 90 days of the end of that primary care, then you have standing to fil ...Read more

You are correct about Nevada law.  See the detailed explanation regarding "relocation" cases here. You can contact the police to ask, but they will probably tell you this is a "civil matter" if ...Read more

You will need either a court order directing the schols to give you these records or to obtain at least joint "legal custody" which is different from lphysical possession. Check with a good local lawy ...Read more

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How can I get custody of my 14-month-old brother?

Q: Me and my fiancé have been taking care of my baby brother. My mom really doesn’t help. He has been at my house most of his life. For three months going on four months he hasn’t bee ... Read more

Do I need a lawyer? Does he have a case?

Q: My husband and I have a 27 years old autistic son, I took care of him until he was 18 years old. He has been living with my husband since then. My husband wants to get divorce now and hired a lawye ... Read more

A Childs Right to Testify in A Divorce

Often during a divorce one or both parents will attempt to use the child against their ex-spouse. When this is the case legal counsel is necessary for the best outcome for the child. This next paragra ... Read more

Rental Income on Community Property

Is an ex-spouse entitled to half of rental income on a community property asset? A divorcing couple decides to let their family home foreclose. The ex-husband was living in the property at the time. T ... Read more

Is My New Spouse Required to Contribute to My Child’s College Expenses?

In Pennsylvania, a parent’s basic duty to pay child support endures until the child has reached the traditional age of majority, 18 years, or graduates high school, whichever occurs later. Howev ... Read more

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