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Paternity is the legal and social acknowledgement of the parental relationship between a child and his or her father. At common law, a child born duri ... read more
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Who's Your Daddy? Proving and Disproving Paternity
The father of any child has a duty to support and protect that child. Paternity can exist within marriage or outside of marriage. It can exist by natural birth, by adoption or by assisted reproduction. In all cases, unless otherwise assigned, the responsibilities of a father are the same. A father who ... Read more

Understanding the Uniform Parentage Act
In 1996, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act was passed. It streamlined the legal process for paternity establishment and required a state form for voluntary paternity acknowledgement. Individuals who fail to cooperate with paternity establishment have their monthly assistance ... Read more

Fathers' Rights: You're a Parent Too!
As a father, it’s important to understand your parental rights. Learn more about how dads can get a fair shake in custody proceedings. ... Read more

Paternity is the legal and social acknowledgement of the parental relationship between a child and his or her father. At common law, a child born during a marriage was presumed to be the husband's child. This presumption could be overcome by evidence that the child was not the husband's child. Establishing ... Read more

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Parenting Time

If you're a parent, you likely place an emphasis on finding time to spend with your children. This can be tricky enough when you are living in the same home with your children. But if you are goin ... Read more

When the Children Turn 18--Have You Protected Their Right to Collect Support Arrearages as a Legal Adult?

I recentlyread about a nineteen year old young man who had just become acquainted with his birth father. He was struggling to support himself while attending community college and looking for answers ... Read more

Family Law, What Does This Mean?

or the average person, when the need for an attorney arises they aren’t sure where to start looking. Even looking in the yellow pages of the phone directory is confusing as there in not just a l ... Read more

Cherry Hill Divorce Lawyers: Same Sex Marriage and Divorce Issues

The Supreme Court’s recent decisions on the constitutionality of same sex marriages raise questions about issues already complicating these marriages. Well over 75,000 gay marriages have been pe ... Read more

As unwed parenthood rises, what are fathers' rights?

Will unwed parenthood ever be the norm? It’s certainly become more prevalent. Nearly48 percent of first babies in the United States now are being born to mothers who aren’t married. But lo ... Read more

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