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Paternity is the legal and social acknowledgement of the parental relationship between a child and his or her father. At common law, a child born duri ... read more
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Who's Your Daddy? Proving and Disproving Paternity
The father of any child has a duty to support and protect that child. Paternity can exist within marriage or outside of marriage. It can exist by natural birth, by adoption or by assisted reproduction. In all cases, unless otherwise assigned, the responsibilities of a father are the same. A father who ... Read more

Fathers' Rights: You're a Parent Too!
Despite the differences that lead to the divorce or the break-up of your personal relationship, as parents you have something in common: You both love your children. As the father, you have rights - important legal rights - when it comes to your children. Knowing about your rights can help you make and ... Read more

Understanding the Uniform Parentage Act
In 1996, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act was passed. It streamlined the legal process for paternity establishment and required a state form for voluntary paternity acknowledgement. Individuals who fail to cooperate with paternity establishment have their monthly assistance ... Read more

Paternity is the legal and social acknowledgement of the parental relationship between a child and his or her father. At common law, a child born during a marriage was presumed to be the husband's child. This presumption could be overcome by evidence that the child was not the husband's child. Establishing ... Read more

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South Jersey Child Support Lawyer: Contempt of Child Support Is No Laughing Matter

A common issue which we often see is the nonpayment ofchild support. From therecipient’s side, the nonpayment of support can be everything from inconvenient to a devastatingfinancial hardship wh ... Read more

How can my step children inherit from me in my will?

Q: In Family section of my Will I have included both my children and my step children and called them all "my children." Is it permissible in Pennsylvania to include both natural children ... Read more


Though it is generally clear who a Minnesota child’s mother is, paternity is sometimes less obvious, especially if the parents are not married. This can complicate matters like who is r ... Read more

Michigan Taking Dead Aim at Cleaning Up Child Support System

It’s one of the most common issues that comes with any divorce case involving parents with children. Child support payments can be a very hot-button issue as the non-custodial parent is ty ... Read more

Contested Divorce Cases: Chapter 2: How to Effectively Use the Family Court to Save Thousands and Thousands of Dollars In Your Divorce Case

(Please view my Facebook page 'Law Office of Henry Lung, PC' for supporting documents to this blog post) I am using Facebook to not only discuss the legal system (using previous ca ... Read more

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