Premarital Agreements

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Prenuptial agreements settle how the couples' money, assets, and even debts will be divided in case the marriage fails. ... read more
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Prenuptial Agreements: Thinking Ahead
Prenuptial agreements settle how the couples' money, assets, and even debts will be divided in case the marriage fails. ... Read more

Gloria Allred's Tips for Couples and Money
Couples & Money: When Hidden Spending Habits Threaten More Than Just Your Bank Account There is no doubt that disagreements over money can cause tension among couples and even destroy relationships. And although money may not buy love, handling money the right way could protect your relationship and ... Read more

Premarital Agreements
Marriage is a big step. Whether you're marrying your high school sweetheart or a celebrity, you or your intended may have circumstances that make a prenuptial agreement a good idea. A Contract by Any Other Name A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into before marriage setting out what the couple ... Read more

Prenuptial and PostNuptial Agreements
Good financial planning requires that you make smart decisions about your finances. For some couples, this means reaching a financial agreement about your assets, debts and other marital obligations. A prenuptial agreement occurs prior to a marriage. A postnuptial agreement is entered into after the ... Read more

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Imputing Income For Support | Callagy Family Law Blog

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Prenuptial Agreement

Just as most people do not like thinking about preparing a will, most engaged couples do not like to consider the need for a prenuptial agreement. Suggesting to a soon-to-be-spouse that you and he ... Read more


The Maryland Legislature just closed its legislative session and passed some significant new laws inMaryland. The most important is that the corroboration requirement has now been repealed. Previously ... Read more

All About Prenuptial Agreements

Can they be set aside? A prenuptial agreement, sometimes referred to as a premarital agreement, is a written contract between two persons planning to be married. It must be entered into voluntarily o ... Read more

High Net Worth Divorce? You Can Protect Your Assets

Getting a divorce is never an easy task, and when you have many assets, it can be life changing. Trying to split assets when you have a high net worth can be tricky, especially if you own businesses ... Read more

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