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Alimony is meant to help a dependent-spouse maintain the lifestyle the couple had during the marriage, as well as give the spouse financial support. ... read more
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Divorce Alimony FAQ
Alimony is meant to help a dependent-spouse maintain the lifestyle the couple had during the marriage, as well as give the spouse financial support. ... Read more

Should Alimony Be "Til Death Do Us Part"?
Marriage has changed in the last few decades. Women no longer expect to stay at home, and make up almost half of the workforce in America. However, when it comes to divorce law, alimony hasn't completely changed with the times. Even though many women are in the work force, the idea that a husband must ... Read more

Tax Matters for Alimony and Maintenance - Part 2
Continued from Tax Matters for Alimony and Maintenance - Part 1 Requirement of Divorce or Separation Instrument To qualify as alimony or a separate maintenance payment, a payment must be received under a divorce decree or separation agreement. Such documents include: A decree of divorce or separate maintenance ... Read more

Alimony and Spousal Support: There's No One-Size-Fits-All Answer
No doubt, divorce has a big impact on your life. Your personal relationship with your spouse changes, obviously, and so does your relationship with your children. Your finances change, too. Often in divorces, a spouse is ordered to pay alimony (also called spousal support or maintenance) to the other ... Read more

Deductions for Alimony & the Family Residence
Divorce is complicated and stressful enough as it is. Between dealing with the emotional issues, often there are disputes over dividing the property, child custody and support and a dozen other things. Finally, it's all over, and then you're hit with a surprise: Income taxes. In many divorces, alimony ... Read more

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Alimony: Still Necessary In The World Today

If you and your partner have decided to get a divorce, one of the things you may have to discuss is the possibility for alimony or spousal support. This can be a difficult subject, since one party may ... Read more

Attorneys with the Knowledge to Give You Peace of Mind

OurHunt Valley divorce lawyers have handled all aspects of divorce, from the complicated nature of child custody issues to more straight-forward prenuptial agreements that both parties have already ag ... Read more

Last year's changes in New Jersey's alimony laws

What happened to permanent alimony under the revised NJSA 2A:34-23What used to be permanent alimony is now going to mainly consist of open durational alimony unless one has been married for twen ... Read more


Long after the emotional pain of adivorce subsides, the financial pain can linger. Spouses stand to lose everything – from their homes to their retirement savings to a significant portion of the ... Read more

Can Social Media Prove that you are a Bad Parent?

Evidence taken from social media sites is being used more and more frequently in divorce litigation. Most people can figure out not to brag about spending on your new girlfriend if you have a spousal ... Read more

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