Spousal Support

Alimony is meant to help a dependent-spouse maintain the lifestyle the couple had during the marriage, as well as give the spouse financial support. ... read more
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Using a Private Investigator in a Divorce With Alimony
Learn more about how a private investigator can help you in a divorce. ... Read more

Divorce Alimony FAQ
Alimony is meant to help a dependent-spouse maintain the lifestyle the couple had during the marriage, as well as give the spouse financial support. ... Read more

Should Alimony Be "Til Death Do Us Part"?
Marriage has changed in the last few decades. Women no longer expect to stay at home, and make up almost half of the workforce in America. However, when it comes to divorce law, alimony hasn't completely changed with the times. Even though many women are in the work force, the idea that a husband must ... Read more

Military Divorce and Spousal Support
Members of the military are subject to special rules when it comes to divorce. Military rules control how a military member's pension is divided. The amount of spousal support is based on the law of the state where the divorce is filed. The divorce may be filed in the state where the military member ... Read more

Tax Matters for Alimony and Maintenance - Part 2
Continued from Tax Matters for Alimony and Maintenance - Part 1 Requirement of Divorce or Separation Instrument To qualify as alimony or a separate maintenance payment, a payment must be received under a divorce decree or separation agreement. Such documents include: A decree of divorce or separate maintenance ... Read more

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Florida Could Be Changing Alimony Laws Again!

The State of Florida may be looking into alimony reform again in 2017, according to news from Dec. 22. Permanent alimony has been a contentious topic for some time, and it’s not soon going to go ... Read more

5 Reasons Your Prenuptial Agreement Might Get Thrown Out

A premarital agreement, when created legally, stands up in court very well. There are situations when a prenuptial agreement can become invalid, though. Here are five of the most common reasons and wa ... Read more

Alimony: What’s taken into (or out of your) account?

Going through a divorce is never fun. The best thing you can do is work hard to succeed in other aspects of your life. For example, a potential client recently came forward with some good news despite ... Read more

How Adultery Can Affect YOU Even After A Separation

When you’re ready to file for divorce, you might be considering moving on with another person. Even if both you and your spouse agree to a divorce, it may be a better idea to wait to become sexu ... Read more

Different forms of support

There are different forms of support in the State of Wisconsin that can be used for either the children, the spouse, or a combination of both. This blog will explore what those forms of support are, w ... Read more

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