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Alimony is meant to help a dependent-spouse maintain the lifestyle the couple had during the marriage, as well as give the spouse financial support. ... read more
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Tax Matters for Alimony and Maintenance - Part 2
Continued from Tax Matters for Alimony and Maintenance - Part 1 Requirement of Divorce or Separation Instrument To qualify as alimony or a separate maintenance payment, a payment must be received under a divorce decree or separation agreement. Such documents include: A decree of divorce or separate maintenance ... Read more

Deductions for Alimony & the Family Residence
Divorce is complicated and stressful enough as it is. Between dealing with the emotional issues, often there are disputes over dividing the property, child custody and support and a dozen other things. Finally, it's all over, and then you're hit with a surprise: Income taxes. In many divorces, alimony ... Read more

Recapture of Excess Front-Loaded Alimony Payments
Under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) § 71, recapture requirements apply if excess alimony payments, also commonly known as "spousal support," are front-loaded into the first three post-separation years. Their purpose is to discourage divorcing spouses from improperly characterizing property settlement ... Read more

Tax Matters for Alimony and Maintenance - Part 1
Under Internal Revenue Code(IRC) 71, alimony or separate maintenance payments, also commonly called "spousal support," are deductible by the payor spouse and must be included in the gross (total) income of the payee spouse. The deduction for alimony is particularly valuable to the payor because it is ... Read more

Can Alimony Payments Be Changed
Alimony is money paid by one spouse to the other after a divorce. Today, it is often referred to as “spousal support.” In most states, permanent spousal support is usually awarded only when one spouse has been economically dependent on the other spouse for most of a long marriage. Alimony laws in ... Read more

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Monetary Support During the Divorce Process and Alimony Pendente Lite

Often times, a spouse wants to file for divorce but lacks the financial resources to do so or is economically dependent on the other party for support. When that is the case, Pennsylvania law actually ... Read more

What Is The Real Purpose of Alimony?

In the past, Florida has taken on alimony reform. What does that mean when it comes to your divorce? Your attorney can walk you through the process of seeking alimony, but changes to the law will a ... Read more

Post Separation Support & Alimony in North Carolina

Are you wondering whether you would be eligible to receive, or perhaps, be required to pay post-separation support and/or alimony in the event you and your spouse separate? Under North Carolina law ... Read more

Timbaland's Wife Requests Alimony In Second Divorce Filing

When a divorce is in the cards, there are many things you'll have to work out with your spouse. The first step is to get the other person to respond to your divorce filing through the courts, so you k ... Read more


Even though all divorces are different, they all tend to be complicated. Planning and preparedness can simplify the complications that almost always accompanydivorce. Human culture is moving towards h ... Read more

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