Unmarried Couples

Tip Of The Day

Did you know that there are many laws governing re-marriage and the situations it can create? Read More...

Domestic Partnership Registration a...

More and more, governments recognize "domestic partnerships" between unmarried couples. This treats unmarried couples who live together like they were married. These .... Read more

Legal Documents for Cohabitating Pa...

Marriage isn't for everyone. For some people, it isn't an option. If you're in a committed, long-term relationship, take steps to ensure both you and your partn.... Read more

Living Together Wisely

You're not the marrying type, but you've found someone you want to live with. You're not alone. Millions of Americans are unmarried and live with partners. Before sha.... Read more

Unmarried Couples

Using Cohabitation Agreements to Plan for the Future

Fewer Americans are getting married than ever before, but that doesn't mean couples aren't cohabitating. If you're thinking of shacking up or creating a domestic partnership, experts say it's a good i... Read more

ACLU Challenges Law Banning LGBT Adoption

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing in North Carolina to overturn a law banning second-parent adoption, which effectively prevents LGBT partners from adopting their significant others' childre... Read more

Gary Coleman's Ex-Wife Loses Fight for His Estate

Shannon Price, the ex-wife of the late actor Gary Coleman, is not entitled to any of his estate, a Utah judge ruled on Monday. Fourth District Judge James R. Taylor instead ruled in favor of Anna Gra... Read more

Cohabitation Agreements Taking Place of Prenups for Unwed

Living together before tying the knot is not the scandalous prospect it was considered to be in more conservative times, and adults in the U.S. are now putting off marriage at unprecedented rates. Wit... Read more

Power of Attorney Critical for LGBT Couples

If you are a gay, lesbian or unmarried heterosexual couple, have you considered what role you would play in your partner's healthcare should they become incapacitated and unable to communicate? In cr... Read more

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