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My first inclination was to tell you to get out of there, get away from him and be safe - but my friend who works in county resources said that this can be the most dangerous time - when you threaten ...Read more

You will need to go to court to file to legally change your name.

The savings of the non-custodial parent definitely factors into a child support determination. If paying child support would bring your savings below the minimum self-support reserve of $16,281, the c ...Read more

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Parenting Time

As many Minnesota estranged couples know, parenting does not stop after a divorce, but it can become more challenging. There are some things, however, that parents can do to ensure that their children ... Read more

Must I sign for house sale by ex-husband?

Q: My ex-husband purchased a home during the time of our marriage four years ago. He didn’t put my name on the loan or title. It has now been two years since our divorce and he says he may need ... Read more


When a Minnesota couple with young children get divorced, they and their children might benefit from a shared parenting arrangement. While mothers still get physical custody of children in a majority ... Read more

Irma Blows Weekend Wedding Plans

     About a week ago, two people told me about upcoming family weddings scheduled for today, Saturday, September 9, 2017. Both were scheduled at posh Ft. Lauderdale Beach hotels. ... Read more

NJ lower court decision makes significant findings on child sex abuse cases

Recent decision in Hudson County trial court, State v. J.L.G., will have significant impact in both criminal and DCPP cases involving allegations of child sexual abuse A recent decision that came out ... Read more

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