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A good friend of mine is has left a lesbian relationship of 28 yrs and is wondering if she can sue for palimony.

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-They are not married. -They have raised an 11 year old daughter together. -They both worked and contributed to the household for 28 years. -Is the one who left eligible to a portion of the sale of their house, even though it is not in her name? Is she eligible for palimony if the other one makes considerably more money than she?
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Answered on May 19th, 2017 at 6:09 AM

The answer to your question is no. Wisconsin does not recognize "palimony" whether in a hetrosexual or homosexual type of relationship. Chapter 767 of the Wisconsin statutes (family code) does not apply to a couple who are not married. There is no presumption of 50/50 property rights and no rights to collect spousal support (maintenance). However, Wisconsin does recognize equitable property division. A person has  a right to file a civil lawsuit to divide up the estate for property or debts acquired during the relationship. The court has discretion as to the length of the relationship, contributions made by both parties, and the size of the estate, as to how best divide the estate between them. The starting point is not presumptively 50/50. The parties would still have to deal separately in a chapter 767 proceeding for issues of custody, placement and child support of their child together.

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