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Chances of getting custody of grandchildren

1 Answers. Asked on Aug 18th, 2013 on Family Law - Texas
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I have had my grandchildren for 3-4 years. Daughter has had two breakdowns (Diagnosis Psychosis), has prostituted has a history of drugs and arrested several times (misdemeanor). CPS recently took all four of her kids and put them into my custody. I've had them all for approximately 6 months. I contacted CPS to inform them that having all four kids was too much. When my daughter was notified she requested not just the two youngest children be removed, but all four. I have filed for custody, but need to speak to an attorney. I have additional information that proves that she is not capable of caring for all four children
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Ms. Martha K. Feigenbaum at Law Offices of Martha Feigenbaum
Licenced in TX
Answered on Aug 22nd, 2013 at 11:36 AM

You can file a Petition for Parent-Child Relationship  for all four children.  The court however will be reluctant to have the children separated.

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