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i have been with my husband for the past 14 years and we are still legally married although we have benn seperated for the past 5 years due to my husbands drug addiction he has been removed from the home. He finally got sober and has been for a couple months now and finally got his own place. He pulled my daughter out of school while I was at work one day and fialed a restraining order on me because he wanted out of paying me 100.00 dollars in child support a month. So i went without my child for that month until we went to court and the judge refused to grant the restraining order, he is now back on drugs and has managed to get me fired from my job and I now have the child in my care although there is no court order stopping this from happening again. what do i do? My kid lived in filth I have photos of her living situation and they were horrific he had needles from his drug use were she could reach them and dog poop was everywhere. The house was nasty and had trash from the dogs.
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Answered on May 18th, 2017 at 7:57 AM

The question, really, that you have to ask is whether it is in your and your child's best interest to remain in this "marriage."  If not, it is past time to file for divorce, seek a formal custody and support order, and then be sure that the pattern you describe will not repeat.

It woiuld be most efficient to hire a trained family law specialist to deal with all of those issues.  If you cannot afford counsel, the local Pro Bono provider is the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, which can be called at 702-386-1070 (or see their information on the web at,com_jcalpro/Itemid,3/extmode,view/extid,15/).  Those that take pro bono cases take them after they have been screened, and assigned, by Legal Aid.  The Reduced Fee Panel sponsored by the State Bar can be reached at 702-382-2200.  Additionally, there are free consultations offered on Thursdays at the self-help center; volunteer attorneys provide 15-minute consultations, for free, on family law questions.  For those that wish to attempt self-representation, forms are available at the Clark County self-help center website, at

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Child Custody
Your children are precious, and issues of child custody shouldn't be treated casually. Even the most amicable splits and custody agreements should be negotiated with the assistance of child custody attorneys and approved by the courts. Once a judge has approved the agreement, changes in custody or visitation, as well as enforcement of child custody agreements, should be handled with the assistance of your lawyer. Child custody law firms can also work with grandparents and other parties other than parents who are seeking custody of a child.
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