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I used marijuana 3 times last year ( last time was about a month ago) but never around my child. My girlfriend is threatening to tell the judge about my use if I request overnight visitation once we split. Will i lose overnight visits b/c of this?
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Answered on Jan 21st, 2013 at 6:57 PM

No not necessarily. The court could place a restriction on you not to use any drugs during any periods of you possession of the child, and so forth. Also, do you have any DUI arrests? Or do you ever drive with the child after smoking ,etc.? So, what she is stating is not automatic. Don't let her scare you. This is typical behavior.

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Your children are precious, and issues of child custody shouldn't be treated casually. Even the most amicable splits and custody agreements should be negotiated with the assistance of child custody attorneys and approved by the courts. Once a judge has approved the agreement, changes in custody or visitation, as well as enforcement of child custody agreements, should be handled with the assistance of your lawyer. Child custody law firms can also work with grandparents and other parties other than parents who are seeking custody of a child.
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