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Do I need a lawyer for expulsion hearing for a juvenile

1 Answers. Asked on Sep 08th, 2017 on Family Law - Illinois
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He's 16, never been suspended or in much trouble, much less expulsion! He's a great kid, but made a bad choice posting on instagram a picture of 2 students from school saying,"shooting up Dupo high starter pack" of which one of the kids is and actually was a threat to the school and the other kid has threatened my son with a battery in his hand once in front of a few kids... however I get that it could be bullying... I don't get how my son is making the threats (they say from that meme he made)
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Answered on Sep 11th, 2017 at 8:27 AM

First, your familiarity with school law and your son's school district's policies are not those of an experienced attorney.  Secondly, you may be too close to the situation AND your son may not truly be comfortable with telling you everything involved.  Most importantly, his future is on the line - an explusion from school can be quite damning.

Therefore, the simple answer is YES!

If you do not know who to contact, your local bar association should have a referral system in place.   Get some names and then do some computer review to review their website and "google" the attorney.  This should provide you with a start to make an appointment for you and your son.  Hopefully, you will both feel comforable with the attorney and the resultant strategy.

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