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how can i deal with this situation?

1 Answers. Asked on Feb 20th, 2013 on Child Custody - Georgia
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hi. i am 16 and live with aunt which has guardianship of me . my mom is a former drug attic and my dad is a former alcoholic. the judge has said that im am not allowed to see my mom or dad until they come talk to the judge . But my aunt still lets me spend the weekend with my dad ( which is her brother) but wont let me see my mom at all.neither my mom or dad have been to talk to the judge yet. its not fair.. my aunt is always signing me up for things i don't want to do with out asking me . my aunt is really mean and negative towards me since i have moved in my grades have dropped tremendously ! i would like to go live with my grandparents. they are very supportive and have always been there they are able and willing to support me. but im afraid my aunt will not give up custody. what should i do?
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Answered on Feb 20th, 2013 at 6:34 PM

You know as a minor I don't believe I can advise you - I'm really sorry to say that but I think I can tell you that you have a school counselor with whom you can share everything you are tallking about - make an appt. - the counselor's job is to help u - good luck!

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Child Custody
Your children are precious, and issues of child custody shouldn't be treated casually. Even the most amicable splits and custody agreements should be negotiated with the assistance of child custody attorneys and approved by the courts. Once a judge has approved the agreement, changes in custody or visitation, as well as enforcement of child custody agreements, should be handled with the assistance of your lawyer. Child custody law firms can also work with grandparents and other parties other than parents who are seeking custody of a child.
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