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How will I add my mother's maiden name to my marriage license?

1 Answers. Asked on Mar 30th, 2017 on Family Law - Nevada
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I went to get my drivers license change at the DMV and they suggested to add my maiden name in my marriage license. My husband and I just moved from California. How will I do this? Please help! Thank you. Maria Gill
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Answered on Mar 30th, 2017 at 4:24 PM

Your question is a bit unclear.  If you have a "husband," your marriage "license" is long-since final and submitted.  Perhaps you mean marriage certificate, but if so Nevada cannot do anything about it if you were married in California (you would have to amend it there).  Otherwise, you could file a formal name change application; if you want to read about those, you can look at the forms at the Nevada self-help center website,, or hire counsel.

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