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motion to file for clarification of language in divorce decree

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Can i personally file a motion to get a certified clarification of divorce decree language. i was awarded a portion of my ex military retirement, but dfas need a formula that obviously wasn't used in the divorce in the way that was needed. how do i obtain a QDRO to direct the plan to divide the retirement. i want to do this by myself, so how much will doing this cost me?
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Answered on Jan 02nd, 2013 at 10:24 AM

Doing a QDRO on your own is more than difficult - most divorce lawyers use an outside consultant/specialist to do the work - it really is that complicated.

As to the motion - you can try to draft and file it. But it isn't necessarily an easy thing to do. There is a small filing fee for the motion - but it's the supporting papers that are the tricky part.

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