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My divorce lawyer handled my case which was final in April 2013.

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She has since left family law, and at the time I was too stressed to see she wasn't watching out for my best interests at all. I pretty much got the short end of the stick with financial matters. I have tried calling numerous times, and have sent several emails asking for just one thing - in my file there should be a reasoning on how she/we came to agreement on maintenance (my ex husband pretty much ran the show for all unfortunately)...I feel I should be entitled to any info that could help me that would be in my file (surely that information would be?) I would soooo appreciate some insight to this, and does she have some small amount of responsibility to answer me? Thanks for your time.
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Answered on Feb 24th, 2017 at 9:56 AM

You do not say whether or not the file was closed, which it may have been.  The divorce was final in 2013.  It is now 2017.  Per some local rules, the attorney does remain "of record" for 30 days after disposition.  This period, however, seems to be well past as well.  Accordingly, the attorney may have no responsibility in this matter.

There may be another attorney responsible for her cases as she appears retired from your letter.  However, since there apparently was a prove-up in 2013, your file may not even be with that attorney.  As such, we can only suggest that you take a copy of the Decree and make a consultation appointment with another experienced divorce attorney.  Your questions may be answered as to the terms, local practice, and what ramifications, if any, the new statute has on your prior award.

The suggested place to start is your local county bar association, which may also have a lawyer's referral network in place.

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