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My fiancé's mother is asking the courts to take away 50/50 custody because she said 7 days is too long for them. Should we be worried?

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My soon to be step daughter was recently injured at our home. She ran into the side of a car when crossing the street. She spent one night in the hospital. She now says that she does not want her with us, as if we are horrible parents. She herself is never home, so her older boys are always watching the younger kids she is trying to take from us. What would next steps be? Will they take them because of 1 accident?
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Answered on Jul 21st, 2017 at 5:21 AM

Your message is sort of confusing. What is your relationship to the child? Grandparent? Step-parent? Parent? It sounds like the child got injured in an accident. How old is the child?  Are the parties divorced? If so how long ago? If within the last 2 years, the law prohibits either party from modifying custody or placement unless the child is physically or emotionally endangered. If the parties were never married, the same two year law applies to paternity cases as well, once the custody orders are set. Once you get past the 2 years, there is a presumption under wisconsin law, that the custody and placement arrangements should be left as is. There would need to be some very compelling reasons to alter the current schedule.

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