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Hello, my x told me he would get the courts involved to have paternity established. So he was able to get a court order to know when the dr visits are. And able to go to them. Even though I don't feel comfortable with him there. My question is... can he actually force me to have a paternity test done at 4 to 6 months. And legally be let into the dr visits? I hear it is painful . And he has already been informed from me. What the appointments say. I'm a bit stresses out right now. And feel like he is trying to bully me into letting him go to the dr visits. Even though I don't feel comfortable with him there. Baby is unborn at this time. And I am 2 months along.
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To the limits of my knowledge, it is possible to perform a paternity test while you are pregnant, but it is dangerous and, at least as far as I know, you are not far enough along -- but do check with your doctor. Plus, absent some real medical problem, I don't think he can force a paternity test until the child is born.

I am dubious about his obtaining any court orders so far, as paternity issues are not usually handled by the courts until the child is born. Do you have a copy of that order? I'd love to see it. And, when did he serve you with any papers to obtain any court order? What did you respond as to those papers?

It appears that he is causing you stress. Is the stress affecting you and the pregnancy. If it is you might want to see about obtaining a restraining order to limit the amount, and content, of his communications with you. If needed, I may be able to help. If you feel bullied, you need to stand firm and not give in. Again, if you feel that you need help in this, I may be able to help.

David R. Hartwig


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