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This one is thought provoking. I have two attorneys on two separate civil matters. They disagree but the matters are....

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Interrelated. Here's the jist: I'm in custody fight with my ex wife currently. She was on the ropes and losing for being in contempt all over the existing order. I also have pending charges against my ex girlfriend for Domestic Battery and OP. Sounds crazy enough right?! Not enough for these two. The ex girlfriend was colluding and conspiring with ex wife to hurt my case against me with my child. Like they would each testify against me...some real evil stuff. One attorney said hard to prove's not like TV! lol. I thought of doing a quid pro quo by requesting ex girlfriend to admit to collusion with ex wife in a written statement for my other attorney to get charges against her dismissed. My attorney on the case against ex girlfriend thinks it's a swell idea, but my family attorney doesn't. He said that he wants the judge to come to this conclusion on his own. But we all know it's not like on TV and I feel a written statement admitting would go a lot further.
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Answered on Aug 16th, 2017 at 8:41 AM

This is not thought provoking to me.  There are 2 hired attorneys, who are well versed and familier with your case; and you are the client.  Simply ask (or demand) a full and detailed explanation as to the competing positions and make a choice.  You are the final arbitor of your case as you are the client.  It may be that one or both attorneys will choose to withdraw or you may decide to fire one or both, but it is you decision to make.  Accordingly, obtain all the relevant information and analysis, process that information, and then decide.

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