Child Abuse and Neglect

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Home Alone: How Old is Old Enough
Most parents understand that it is always wrong to leave an infant or toddler home alone while you go out - even for a quick run to the store. But when is a child old enough? Surprisingly, there aren't many laws to guide parents who aren't sure if their children are old enough to stay home alone. About ... READ MORE

Reporting Child Abuse: Who is Responsible?
The scene was horrific. The courtroom was silent as the coroner listed the injuries, one after another after another. It was impossible to believe that one person could have survived the blows to nearly every part of the body. Especially because it was all done to a ten-year-old girl. Reporting Child ... READ MORE

Safe Haven for Baby Dumping - The Nebraska Hiccup
Baby dumping is a controversial topic. On one hand, states want to prevent the abandonment of babies. On the other hand, states recognize that some mothers may be so desperate to get rid of their unwanted infants that they may end up injuring the baby. As a result, states have passed safe haven laws. ... READ MORE

Spare the Rod: Is Spanking Child Abuse?
In years past, teachers silently instilled fear in their young students by displaying the wooden "paddle" on the classroom wall, as a reminder of the standard punishment for misbehavior. Today the paddle has been replaced with a "time-out" chair, a pass to the school office or a telephone call home. ... READ MORE

When Child Discipline Becomes Child Abuse
Related Item A Dallas-area couple are charged with killing the man's 10-year-old son by denying him water for five says. They did so to punish the boy for bedwetting. The boy suffered in 100-degree heat before passing out from dehydration.The father and the boy's stepmother are charged with injury to ... READ MORE

Abusing Parental Discretion and Sensitive Subjects
Most parents drag their feet to have "The Talk" with their children about the birds and the bees. Some leave books and pamphlets around the house. Some assume the school's sex education movie is enough. Others leave it to chance and figure that between TV, movies and friends, the kids will figure it ... READ MORE

Child Abuse and Neglect: What's In a Name?
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Well, maybe not in Holland Township, New Jersey. There, if you were a Family Court judge, you might have to answer the question "What's in a name?", because at least one professional believes that the mere act of naming a child could serve as the basis ... READ MORE

Co-Sleeping Can Mean Danger for Babies and Parents
In May, six-week-old Evan Berney was smothered by his grandmother in Minnesota.  She allegedly rolled onto him while they slept.  In August, two-month-old baby Lailanni Amkha died sleeping with her dad on the couch.  She was the sixth Milwaukee baby killed this year sleeping with an adult. Across ... READ MORE

Faith Healing May Mean Prison
  Update. In an unrelated case, a federal court has barred parents in Utah from suing state officials who wanted to force their son to take cancer treatments In March 2010, a judge in Oregon sent two parents to prison for the death of their son who didn't respond to "faith healing" An incident in Minnesota ... READ MORE

Baby Pictures or Baby Porn?
You better think twice before you take those cute pictures of your little ones playing in the bathtub. You could be charged with a crime, have your children taken away by child welfare authorities, lose your job and end up labeled a sex offender. This may sound outrageous, but it is exactly what happened ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Child Abuse And Neglect Case From a Local Attorney

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