Visitation Rights

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Divorce Visitation Rights FAQ
Can a stepfather get visitation after he divorces the child's mother? Can same-sex partners petition for visitation rights of a child born during their relationship? How can I see my kids if I was just released from jail? My ex-husband's sister lived in our household for a number of years, and now claims ... READ MORE

Divorce: Child Custody FAQ
Learn answers to frequently asked questions about child custody. ... READ MORE

Child Visitation Hits the Internet
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what's face time on the internet worth? To non-custodial parents in Illinois, it's probably priceless. A law in that state gives these parents the chance to interact more with their children. Virtual Visitation Laws Illinois' law gives judges the power to give non-custodial parents ... READ MORE

Jackson Custody and Grandparents' Rights
Michael Jackson's death was not only the passing of a pop star icon; it was the passing of a father. Jackson left behind three young children: Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, seven. Jackson's former wife Debbie Rowe gave birth to the older two kids. The youngest was born to a surrogate ... READ MORE

Visitation Awards and a Child's Preference
Courts understand that in most cases relationships with both parents are in the best interests of the child. The best interests of the child is how the court measures his or her the well-being. A court is not required to consider the preference of the child when awarding visitation, as long as the court ... READ MORE

Visitation Rights and a Parent's Ex-Partner
In awarding visitation to a former cohabitant or partner, courts try to find what is in the best interest of the child. Deciding the best interest of the child is a way that courts assure the child's well-being. As long as visitation is in the best interests of the child, courts may award visitation ... READ MORE

Abuse of Visitation Rights
The custody and visitation aspects of a divorce or domestic breakup are among the most difficult. While you may be happy to lose contact with your ex, it’s heartbreaking to think of losing time with your child. Your misery can be compounded by a parent who refuses to follow a visitation schedule or interferes with your visitation. The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself from visitation abuse. ... READ MORE

Examples of Visitation Schedules
Learn more about setting reasonable expectations for visitation. ... READ MORE

Interference with Child Visitation Rights
During a divorce or a child custody dispute, the court will order custody arrangements for both parents to follow. The court's standard for determining the custody arrangements is what's in the best interests of the child, meaning what is best for the child's overall well-being. If one parent is awarded ... READ MORE

Parental Alienation Syndrome
As a divorced parent, you worry when the other parent makes nasty remarks about you in front of the kids. Your ex might blame you for all of your family problems and say terrible things about you to your children. At what point do mere derogatory remarks turn into what some legal and mental health experts call parental alienation syndrome? ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Visitation Rights Case From a Local Attorney

Parenting Time

As many Minnesota estranged couples know, parenting does not stop after a divorce, but it can become more challenging. There are some things, however, that parents can do to ensure that their children ... Read more


When a Minnesota couple with young children get divorced, they and their children might benefit from a shared parenting arrangement. While mothers still get physical custody of children in a majority ... Read more


Some divorced Minnesota parents of young children might find themselves co-parenting with an ex-spouse who might not be the ideal partner. However, successful co-parenting is possible, even when an ex ... Read more

Parenting Time

Due to the improvement in communications and technology, Minnesota parents are finding it easier to stay in contact with their child even if they spend the majority of their time with their other pare ... Read more

Co-Parenting After a Divorce or Separation

Co-Parenting After a Divorce or Separation Co-parenting after a split is rarely easy, especially if you have a contentious relationship with your ex-partner. You may have concerns about your ex’ ... Read more

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